cutting letter to circa junior size

How can I cut and punch Letter size down to Junior size Circa and get the pages to line up evenly in the Circa Junior cover?
One side the page is up high, the other side is lower. Sorry I am anal enough that it is bugging the hell out of me

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Make your own measurements.


I just looked at mine and noticed that my hand-punched stuff is misaligned vs the levenger stuff.

The solution is not to use the little guides that the punch provides, and make your own marks for perfect alignment.

It takes a little fussing around, but if you are anal I'm sure you can manage it. Personally, I just make sure the stuff goes from punch to book without getting flipped. That way all of my hand-punched pages are in alignment with each other, even if they're not aligned with Lev.

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Just realized you might be talking about a crooked punch, such that a perfectly square-cut page looks like it was cut poorly, when in fact it's the punching that's not right.

I noticed my pages were doing that when I had a smurf jammed into one of the punch heads. It was preventing the paper from sliding snugly all the way to the back of the punch head. So get ye a paperclip, open it up, and use it to make sure you haven't got a smurf jammed in somewhere it shouldn't be.
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