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I LOVE the idea of printing a customized planner! I have a couple of questions though. First of all, how do you know what size pages your planner takes? Do you just measure it or are the pages a certain proportion smaller (so there is space between the edge of the pages and the edge of the planner)? Second of all, how does everyone go about hole punching their pages? There are so many different configurations of rings (3 rings, 9 rings etc.). I suppose one could buy a special hole punch but those are pricey and what if you later switch planner binders and the hole configuration isn't the same? You'd have to buy another punch. And using a single hole punch would be time consuming and hard (how do you get all the holes in the right spot etc.). And what about cutting? Does everyone have one of those guillotine type things?

I currently have 2 different planner binders with 9 rings (grouped in 3 groups of 3). I was lucky enough to get them for $2.50 each yesterday! I found them at a Goodwill thrift store that was having a 50% off sale. One has some pages in it, the other is empty. I think one is FiveStar brand and the other is some brand I've never heard of. The FiveStar one has a canvas cover and it zips closed. It has several zipped pockets too. The other one is faux leather and snaps closed. They are both "typical" planner size. Any recommendations for what package I should use for them? I would like lots of blank lined pages and a calendar included.

How does everyone make dividers? Do you just use those sticky post-it note flags?

Sorry about asking so many questions!



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Some Answers

The sizes I see most often mentioned here are Letter, Classic (1/2 letter - 5.5"x8.5" - aka "junior"), Compact (a Levenger size), and then the various Filofax, FC, etc sizes. There's also occasional mention of the European standards A4 (close to letter), A5 (close to 1/2 letter), and so on.

My planners always had three rings, so long ago I'd bought a quality adjustable 3-hole punch. Occasionally, I'd resort to the single-hole punch. Nowadays, I use more and more Circa, so I also bought that punch. Having the punch for whatever system gives you mucho flexibility and really will save you money in the long run.

For cutting, I've got the hand-chopping machine at work and a smaller Olfa sliding razor cutter at home. It's only good for maybe 5 pages at a time, but it's good enough for now.

For dividers, I often use heavy card or light cardboard, cut to shape and punched. A quality plastic binder can be sacrificed as well.

Rather than looking for a package to fill your binders, consider building your own system out of the many templates offered here. There are also many sites on the internet that will allow you to print out free lined or graph paper.