difference between ciak and moleskine notebooks

I have started my diary (journal/private notes) in a medium ciak notebook. Normally I use spiral bound notebooks but fancied a change. I have a moleskine pocket notebook and week/page datebook. But with the ciak I am finding the spine quite stuff, its hard to keep the pages open. I have not noticed this on the pocket sized moleskines. I also find that there is hard to write on page 2 (erm not sure how to describe this - second side of the first page), as the spine is stiff there is too much of a height difference between the two halves of the book I end up using a paperback to even them out to lean on. I am not that far into the book so I am happy to move over now while its easier. The paper is quite thick so it is good for my ink pen.

Has anyone found this with moleskines, or does anyone use ciak and have a view?


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Markings by C.R. Gibson

I posted this several hours and now it's gone. FWIW, I'm using a ''Markings' by C.R. Gibson' Moleskine knock-off notebook I found at Staples. Other big office stores now sell that brand also. It has a nice leather cover and very similar paper and the familiar pocket in the back. They make pocket sized diaries but mine is 6" by 8.75" size. It stays open with gentle hand pressure but won't lay open on a desk. .5mm Pilot G2 pens allow writing on both sides of the pages.

Moleskines are easier

to write in for the reason you've mentioned (they lie quite flat), but I find that the Ciak paper is probably friendlier to fountain pens. It depends on the ink and pen used, but I get a lot of showthrough with Moleskines.

Hope this helps a bit.


I agree with Kate (above) -

I agree with Kate (above) - moleskine is not good with fountain pens unless you get a 'good' one. An alternative in the UK is the Ryman softcover notebook. Really similar to moleskine (elastic/ pocket/ rounded corners), slightly softer cover, seems much, much better with my fountain pens (F/EF with diamine inks)and only £3.99 for the pocket size. Another excellent 'lay flat' notebook which is great with fountain pens is the Quo Vadis Habana, slightly larger than moleskine (A6) - downside is it costs £10 (incl. postage)
Kate S

The WH Smiths in Winchester

The WH Smiths in Winchester has a stand with moleskines on and books that have patterned covers. Has anyone tried these?

Seen 'em bit not my thing

I've seen both those stands in my local WHSmith's and painted cover notebooks in the nearby Borders and Waterstones. Of the two ranges I think I'd go with the Moleskines but only in an "emergency" --- you know moment when one can't crack out the laptop, the PDA, or even the mobile phone (for a draft text message). I much prefer plain paper (and A5 pre-punched for my filoFax).

Did your Sinchester WHSmith have their Atoma ring-bound project books; these are about as rare as hen's teeth. I saw loads of them in the Banbury branch last year. But only seen one in my local branch.

Atoma in WHSmith

I've seen A6,A5and A4 disc bound notebooks in two different WHSmith around Glasgow in the past week. I'd never seen them in store before though read on diy planner that they did exist.

I must admit the paper in them is really bad. i wouldn't enjoy writing on it. I like A5 size notebooks but in the ones I looked at the papaer didnt move round the discs well at all. The A6 size were much better but at £2.99 and the quality of the paper I decided not to bother. I had ordered some from the Nemeta site to see what they were like. They have plain paper option which would be good for printing on but as yet nothing. Shipping was set for mid July and they've taken my payment off but no notebooks. I've emailed them twice to see what's going on but no reply yet....

I had one of the atoma type

I had one of the atoma type A4 pads from WH Smiths Winchester several months back. The paper quality of naff and they didn't have them in two weeks ago. The ryman (adoc) ones maybe dearer but the paper is far better. I posted somewhere on here about a company called pegasus international (I think) that seems to sell the adoc (atoma) paper and pads in various sizes and paper types. Their P&P is a bit steep but I think they were cheaper than Rymans so it would even out. I have not tried them myself.

what about red and black

what about red and black books? Is their paper quality good?

Ooh, more info please, Kate!

I haven't tried either of these. Although the paper's not good in Moleskines, I often find the lines in other notebooks too broad. Do either of these alternatives have narrow lines?