Markings Notebooks at Big Lots

Hi all,

At my local Big Lots last night I found pocket-sized Markings Notebooks for $2.50 each. They're very similar to Moleskines (same size, covers, elastic strap, pocket in the back) with nice, smooth paper. They retail at Target, Barnes and Noble, and other stores for around $9, I think. I couldn't find a website for them, but I've found some blogs talking about them (e.g.: If you have a Big Lots near you, look in the school supply and notebook section.


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Thanks for the heads up... I'm adding it to my errand list for my day off! :D

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no luck

at my location... found one for $9 :/ but i picked up some goofy pens for a gag gift for my manager :D and I got some printer paper with a design on the top and bottom... perfect for side bound circa/rolla notebook :D

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go find Big Lots

Just added that to my list. Thanks for the heads up.

The only issue I have with the Markings Notebooks is that the cream color on the pages rubs off when erased. I still usually buy a few when on sail at Target.

Thanks, LisaPT

I haven't used these before, so I wasn't sure of the quality, but they looked nice, and for $2.50 each, you can't go wrong. :)

I have several

And never noticed the color rubbing off...but I use ink in them. My fountain pens don't tend to bleed through in them, either.

The Rub

I've never had any problem with bleed through either, but I tend to use fine point pens (both fountain and other). The only solutions I can think of for the rub off is to either stop using pencils or stop making mistakes.

Still a great deal and I still haven't gotten to the local Big Lots.

Thank you!

I've been wanting and wanting to buy a moleskin to see what it was all about, but just couldn't justify the expense. I ventured to Big Lots today solely to find these Markings books you posted about. I bought three (they had two colors - gold and pink). They remind me of something from my childhood, but I'm not quite sure what. I'm so happy to be able to try these out without having to special order. Thank you!

Markings Notebooks Meijer's

Thanks for the tip. Also, I found the brown pocket size Markings at Meijer's for $2.49. August 6, 2008.

markings at local walmart

Not sure if I am behind here, but last nite I saw a nice selection of marking pocket and jr. size at my local Walmart. I have never seen them there before, and I always check out the journals, agendas, etc. Just thought some of you might benefit from this!! Have a blessed week.Lynn

My local Walmart has them

My local Walmart has them too and I used one for my foodlog. Personally I've heard a lot of good things about moleskins but have never been able to bring myself to buy one from how much they cost given my cheap nature.