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Hello! I am Xandra01, and I am fresh off the joining page. I think I found soul mates here. I love planners and pens. Don't tell anyone. I have been a Day Runner and Covey user, all sizes for years. I am ready for a change. I no longer work, but my life is still busy. Can someone point out to me a good place to start on this site, and some good suggetions on what I might try. I am also for the first time, going to be carrying a PDA. The planner will be for home. I can't get away from paper entirely, but I do want to carry something lighter in weight. I have been using Cross pens for years. Any suggestions as to what else I may try? Looking forward to meeting you.

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I would suggest starting here:
Two big chunks of what we are here is about how we build our planners (materials and such) and then what we put into our planners (templates)

Find what works for you. There is no single, universal solution.
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I am thrilled to know I am

I am thrilled to know I am joined by others who have an "addiction" for planners etc. I felt alone in this world--lol--considering my family thinks I am nuts!! At any rate, I came upon this site, and I love it. Thanks for all the advice, suggestions etc. I am not much of a "poster" but will send any great ideas, buys, etc. along. Again, thanks for showing me there are Great Minds with planner addictions.Ha! Have a Blessed Day!! lsl