The most dangerous time of the year

For those of you who are fans of Mead's Flex binders, I saw a two-hole student planner at the drugstore last night. I didn't measure it, but it looked about classic sized. The planner pages themselves were geared toward students and a bit busy. I thought the cover or planner pages might be usuful to some DIYer.

At Staples, I got two notebooks from a new line called EcoEasy (it is a Stable's Brand). The paper, which is made from parts of the sugarcane left over from the sugar extraction, is very thin. I tested and nether the fountain or the two roller ball pens had any bleed threw (I do use fine nibs/points). What really sold me is that the lines are tan colored. I got the composition book ($1) and a spiral notebook ($3). The spiral is nice because the cover is thick, no table or desk is needed to write in it. They also had filler paper.

A link in the notebook sent me here:

Stables EcoEasy

But the products in the store don't seem to be on the website :-(

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I've been singing that song

I've been singing that song all day! I was at Staples earlier. It was beautiful!

2 dangerous times for the price of 1 :)

In Australia, the school year runs from February to the third week of December. (Summer being December - February down here.) Kids down here are spoiled by their school year matching the calendar year.

Anyway, our stationery bargain time is mid to late January.

That means, with the web and international postage, you can now be tempted twice a year ;)