Circa Compact Sale

If you use Circa Compact, know that a Circa notebook with 300 refill sheets included is currently on sale for $9.95. Seems strange since the same 300 refill sheets alone are on the regular page for $24. If you use the Compact size, now would be the time to stock up!

My first thought was maybe they were discontinuing the compact size since compact clear plastic covers are also on sale. It's doubtful though since there are still so many compact options available at full price. *shrug*

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I'm so sure I don't need it but I'm going to order one! Lmao... I *AM* addicted.

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We're two of a kind then

We're two of a kind then because I was thinking the *exact* same thing!

Love it!

I asked my manager if i could shop for something quick yesterday and he said 'sure' ... so i ordered it and used the coupon code... :D yay for more circa!!!

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My order came to $11.46 -- including shipping -- by using the coupon code posted elsewhere on this site, and then choosing the cheapest shipping option. Rock. I've been wanting pages for my compact notebook, but haven't wanted to shell out a lot of money for paper. Thanks for letting us know about the sale!


same here... i dont mind DIY paper for my junior sized stuff... but it seems more wasteful for the compact size /shrug.

but now i'm glad i waited!

so you have any hacks in mind for your compact? i think im going to break out my zip folio and use that for awhile. my tote bag just had a seam fray out and i need to sew a new one. i hate using small purses! lol...

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No hacks, sorry.

Although I did realize that I could pick up the 2008 agenda refill for only a couple of bucks, so I ordered it too and will try using the compact as my planner. I already have compact monthly tabs (ordered on sale a while back), so I can have a very nice little Circa planner for less than $15. Of course I'll have to pay more for the 2009 stuff if it turns out I use the 2008 stuff for the rest of the year, but if my interest in the format lasts that long then I'll feel okay shelling out the money. I don't like buying expensive planners these days because I change formats every couple of months. Better to do it with cheap and/or DIY stuff.

Compact Hack

I actually use my Compact as an address book. I had originally bought the leather foldover notebook when I was using the agenda in that size. After a year I realized there was a reason I always went back to the junior size! I didn't want my leather covers to go to waste (I didn't want to see since they were monogrammed) so I made it into an address book.

I bought the compact sized letter tabs and put the whole thing on one inch rings. I put the person's name on top and all their info below. I like having a more "freeform" address book like that since I have different info for different people. This is especially helpful when I track their kids names and birthdays as well as directions to their house.

levenger coupon

I am getting ready to buy my first levenger circa - compact size. But so much is on sale, I am going quite overboard. Therefore I am wondering if you would be kind and tell me where is this "coupon code posted elsewhere on this site"? Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the heads-up

I do use the compact size, and while I had just recently purchased refill paper, I bought two. Looking around, it does kind of look like compact may be on the way out. There are a few places where compact no longer appears as a size choice. It is still available in other products, but I'm going to start keeping an eye out!

i hope not :(

I picked up a 2008 tabbed calendar refill for daytimer yesterday for 50 cents! ... Filofax, Daytimer, DayRunner refills are the same size 3-3/4" by 6-3/4"... great if you have the time n resources to repunch :D I like having levenger offer that size!

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It definitely might be on

It definitely might be on its way out - the bomber jacket foldover notebook in compact just showed up on the sale page. Makes me glad I switched over from compact to junior for my planner.

Yes, I check the Levenger sale page way more than I should!

I'm currently drooling over the Majorica laptop bag in navy, but even on sale for $200 is too much for me, even with no shipping charge (I work within walking distance of the Boston store).

NOT being discontinued

i called levenger and they said that the compact size is not being discontinued, they just put some of the basic items on sale to try to clear inventory and get more people into the compact size. according to the person i spoke to they said that the compact sale items is a temporary sale only.

that said i got mine on monday and was not really a fan of the compact size but i am now switching my organizer to compact because it is easier to carry.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

That's cool.

Thanks for calling. I actually decided to order a second "notebook plus refills" -- $9.95 is too good a price not to stock up a bit. I did, however, talk myself out of paying $8 for section tabs when I have card stock, a punch, and Post-It Durable Tabs at home. So I don't feel I went overboard.

By the way, Jigglypuff -- you don't seem to have your Contact tab turned on under your profile. Use mine and email me, yes? I'd like to talk to you off-forum if you don't mind. Thanks.

Compact has been discontinued

I called Levenger today to ask why there were no bookcloth covers for the compact size, and they said that line (compact) was being discontinued. I asked if there was a planned replacement, and they said no. Their focus was going to be on Letter, Junior, and 3x5.

I wish if they were dropping Compact that they'd at least replace it with a 4x6 line...