DIY Index Tabs

I made my own index tabs for my Circa notebook instead of shelling out $10 for a set of Levenger-made tabs. I used pretty scrapbook paper, a laminator and my Circa punch.

See pictures here.

(1) Select five sheets of 12? X 12? scrapbook paper (or other paper of your choice). This gives you enough room to accommodate the tabs.
(2) Use an existing set of Circa tabs to trace the outline of the tabs onto each sheet.
(3) Cut the tabs out.
(4) Laminate the tabs and trim excess plastic. I used a Scotch Thermal Laminator I recently purchased from Costco for about $25. It came with a bunch of laminating pouches and the refills are reasonably priced.
(5) Punch the holes using your Circa punch. Make sure the holes are properly aligned before punching by using your Levenger-bought tabs as a guide.
(note: You can label the tabs before laminating them if you wish.)

Voila! A nice set of tabs for about $3.00 in supplies.

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Very elegant and resourceful

A true DIY-er !
And... for the non-Circa-fied folks, you can do the same thing for your planners. Just punch holes as appropriate instead of "smurfing"
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alternative to laminating

You could also use clear contact paper instead of a laminator - works just as well, for me anyway!


Gorgeous paper that you used! Nice Project!

Great idea! Thanks for the

Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Your tabs are delightful.
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circa tabs

Love these!! Very classy and creative. Thanks for directions!! Lynn

Your colors are beautiful!

Green is my favorite color and you found some beautiful pages to use for your dividers. Thank you for the inspiration!