Filofax Address Book Software

Looking around in the Filofax hompage, I have found that they have a software that let's you print in any size your contact book.

I have tried the demo, and it does work. There are a few kinks.

Now on to the issue. Before I purchase the real thing, is there any other way to print your contact list (Outlook) in size 3" x 5".


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printing Outlook contacts

Printing your Outlook contacts to 3x5 depends upon your printer's functions.

Option 1 - if your printer can print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper then
choose file, print
choose the print style ("phone directory style" works best for this)
click on properties and choose the option to print multiple pages to a single sheet (for 3x5 it will probably be 6 pages)

Option 2 - if your printer can't print multiple pages to a single sheet of paper
choose file, print
choose your preferred print style
click on page setup
click on the paper tab
change page size to 1/8 booklet (this will be slightly smaller than 3x5)