Printing on Levenger Circa Blank Refill Sheets

Ugh. Found this site a while back and kept up for a while. Now I'm back and in my endless search for a decent planner (currently using FC). I'm pondering going full bore Circa. OK, I'll admit I'm drooling at the new Levenger Catalog I received. Anyway, I had a question on the Circa Blank Refill Sheets. Are they decent when printing in a Laser printer, i.e. won't gum up the works? I have a LJ 1012 at home and the three hole punch paper works fine. I'm hoping the Levenger paper is a little better quality than the paper I had cut a Kinko's and punched with my Myndology punch. BTW, love the Myndology stuff, but I need a new planner.

So, I really don't want to purchase the Circa punch and would rather just buy blank paper. I'll keep using Myndology notebooks for notetaking that requires its own notebook and the Circa notebook (and maybe jacket) for my planner. Look for the Myndology and FC punches on ebay soon :^)


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Blank Refill Sheets

I tried this on a Canon Inkjet with very little success. The smurfs get caught up in the feed.

I gave up and purchased the punch. I had a ream of paper cut at Office Depot for a junior-sized Circa.


Thanks for the input. I can

Thanks for the input. I can see this happening with an inkjet because the printhead goes side to side and would easily get caught on a smurf. I'm thinking I'm just going to need to buy better quality paper (at least as good as the Levenger) and a punch.


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Paper Quality

For daily or weekly calendars and scratch paper or such, I just use regular copy paper. It's good enough for things I won't have to carry around long-term.

As for better paper, I really like the HP 32# laser paper. I've heard the 28# is nearly as good.

Cheapo Lexmark handles smurfs

When I was circa-ing I printed a ton of pages that were pre-punched and only messed up one page (one smurf bent and started to tear, but didn't come clear off in the printer). In all fairness, I should mention I was using ADOC paper I got cheap at the local university bookstore rather than Levenger's paper.

Print, then punch

Personally, I am unwilling to try printing on circa-punched paper.
I have messed up printers by getting paper jammed in them.

Besides, with any DIY setup, any binding style, having your own punch permits more possibilities.
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Punch annoyance warning

I've tried on a couple of occasions to print my own planner pages and punch them for use in a Circa notebook. Every time, it annoys me to no end that the smurfs created by my portable punch are slightly smaller than those in pre-smurfed Circa paper, which means my homemade pages catch on the rings and don't turn smoothly. And every time, I wind up ditching them in frustration after a short period of time. I'm back to only using pre-smurfed, lined paper in my Circa notebooks and keeping my planner through Lotus Notes (which has more than its own share of annoyances!). Just my two cents if you're considering smurfing your own pages...

Circa here I come.

OK, now I did it. :^) I ordered the Circa stuff and punch and put my Franklin Covey and Myndology punches on ebay. Let's see if I can start the new school semester on the right foot, oh, I'm staff not student.

Franklin Covey Punch
Myndology Punch

You darn Circa people have poisoned my mind and infected my day planner.

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
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Welcome to the 'dark side' ...

circa/rolla is so versatile... and the nice thing is - change your size preference - keep the punch!

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Printing on Circa Pages

I regularly print on blank Circa pages. The trouble I had was one page sticking to another and then jamming the printer.

This was a bit tedious but I put a blank piece of unpunched paper between every other Circa page and then skipped a page when printing. This worked for me but was a bit tiresome.

On my Epson Artisan 700

I can only print one at a time. I've tried reversing the second page - print page one on the front of one circa page and page 2 on the second, but the two pages snag each other. Printing a prepunched page is laborious, once I finish this package of blank circa pages, I'll just print on regular paper and punch my own.

Too Pricey

I do not care which system you are using, I think "their" paper is too pricey. I'd rather cut/punch my own.
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