Found a new (to me anyway) product - Oxford Book Notes

I came across a new product in Office Max, Oxford Book Notes. They are 6"x4" cards with a preprinted template for taking book notes - title, author, chapter/page info, points, opinions, etc. Dd14 is going to circafy them to use for school. I checked the template section but didn't see anything similar here but it would sure be nice to be able to diy them since they were $1.79 for 25 cards.

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Easy enough with more information

You could also do a nice job of it using Word or Excel or the Mac or Open Office equivalents.

Or, if you scan or sketch the format and information, I'd be happy to use the widget kit to put a DIY version together.

Will do

Will do but it will be a week. I leave tomorrow for a research week and someone has already borrowed my scanner to use while I am away. Lucky for me, I'll be going to the DC area and already have plans for the pen show, Levenger, many restaurants, Eastern Market, and Pearl Arts supplies. After work, of course. ;-)

Baby, you know what I like!

Baby, you know what I like! Thanks for pointing those out. I must have them.

Paper or plastic ?

They look nice, but to me they look glossy - like a dry-erase (whiteboard) surface. Are they index card type stuff or plastic coated -- like a playing card -- or what ?

Thanks for sharing.
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