Digital vs Analog

I am having a dilemna and would love some advice from all of you DIY'ers out there!!

I HAVE to use digital/computerized/etc. applications at work. Meaning, Outlook and an "Industry specific contact management" program (kind of like ACT). But, if I type something into the computer versus writing the action on a piece of paper, I will completely forget the action or appointment. Writing in pen and paper helps me remember and recall things. Digital does not help me with any of my memory issues.

As you may know from my post under Doug's recent post, I am using pretty much 100% digital right now and it does work, but I do not feel safe and secure because I didn't put it on paper, so I don't feel like I really "wrote it down." Does that make any sense what-so-ever? Is it dumb of me to write an action on paper AND to type it into the computer system (which absolutely has to be done for compliance reasons)?? To write an appt into my pocket planner AND to enter it into the computer. And then sync my Phone to the computer?? UGH! I really just want to use my phone which is connected to everything at work and home - all in one tiny little phone. But, I feel totally LOST without my index cards and other planners!!

lost in the digital and analog maze....
nay nay

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If it works for you.........

I am the queen of inefficiency along the lines of what you have highlighted. I have one job, but in two organisations. Both insist I have my diary available electronically but in two systems. So I do make entries twice electronically already, however I need to see diary entries on paper to plan and so as to not miss appointments and I travel around so not always at my desk. I had been a Palm person before this job and kept missing things!
I dont feel bad for writing stuff down that exists electronically because it's for me and not the organisation. If it helps your productivity,as it does mine, look at it as an investment in time rather than a waste of time. Seems far worse to miss out a meeting or doing a task cos you didnt take 30 seconds to write it on your index card.

Paper and pens are our friends....


This is a great way of looking at my dilemna - writing stuff down is for me and not the company! And of course, paper and pens are our friends!

So, I guess you found the simple solution. Type in the info for the company and then keep my own paper list.

Thank you so much - I think I was having a "DUH" moment! Probably because I was out of the office Monday and Tuesday and came back to around 20 URGENT actions and a desk that I could not see! Stressful day today, but everything got done - I just don't remember doing any of it! wink.

Thanks again!
nay nay :)

Using both

I keep my calendar in my email program (I'm using the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird, synced to my Google Calendar, and I highly recommend it) plus a paper calendar. I also keep a digital and a paper to-do list. It's worth writing things on paper for me, because otherwise I'd forget unless I was staring at my mail app already. I'm like you, pen and paper commits stuff to memory much better than typing!