Printing Grays

I did a test print of my planner pages to make sure everything lined up properly. Victory!

However, the grays basically look like bad copies. I have new ink and the blacks are fine, so that's not the problem. I don't enjoy looking at it, so that wouldn't help me create a new habit of actually using a planner.

So, what do you do? Do you have gray headings? Do you make them a color? Solid black with white letters? Would it look better if I took it somewhere to print?

(BTW -- when I say grays, I mean places where the background would be gray and the letters are white.)

Thanks for any advice!

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Gray is uniquely difficult

It's been my experience that it's next to impossible to get a crisp, nice-printing gray. A way around this (if you truly want gray) is to make the gray areas a nice light blue and then select the print option to print "shades of gray". Of course, colors are nice, too, if you have a color printer! That's one thing I love about DIYing -- for me it's less about calendar formats and more about a particular color palate I'm crazy about and being able to mix up lots of nice colors in my layouts!

print with color tinting

I have a Canon color inkjet. When I'm printing the DIYPlanner forms, I go to Color options, and tint the pages green. It looks quite similar to the old DayTimer pages I used to use. One cool side feature of doing this is that solid blacks are still solid black. Only greys change to the green color. I've got some pics on flickr that show this. If you want, I can search them out, and post the link here. But if you search flickr for the diyplanner keyword, you will find not only mine (jonglass or joninkrakow), but also some examples that others have done. Mine will be quite a ways down there now.


Here are some test pages

D*I*Y Planner color test
D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic/A5 Edition): FrankenForm (Printer Test)

Just so you know what the local "standards" are.
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