A Bargain Moleskine, A DIY Fixer-Upper

--- A Bargain Moleskine, A DIY Fixer-Upper

After re-discovering the joys of EBay, I stumbled upon a bargain Moleskine for only $5USD!! Well... its a bargain because it was a brand new, shrink-wrapped, 18-month *2007-2008* planner, not 2008-2009. But it was an XL, its a Moleskine. Why the heck not?? I got it in the mail today and, in classic DIY fashion, started scratching out the incorrect years and dates corrected them for 2008-2009. Do this while listening to a favorite track on repeat is actually very theraputic!! ;)

Anyway considering that a new 2008-2009 XL planner is about $20USD before shipping, and this cost me $15CDN AFTER shipping, I think I walked away ahead of the game. Sure I have to customize and correct it, but I would be anyway, right??

Now I have a bit of a conundrum... Before scoring this deal on EBay, I had already invested a small pile of spare change at our local dollar stores (wonderful places when you are trying to get organized on a budget!), and purchased a few pocket planners for my DIY system (along with some plastic folders, stacking file trays, and reciept envelopes, the grand total was under $20CDN). I have been using my pocket planners quite effectively, using one planner for day to day to-do's, and the other to jot down a breakdown of to-dos of bigger tasks and presonal projects. Whenever I review my daily to-do pocketbook, I reference the projects pocketbook and transfer some tasks over to my daily to-do's. At the end of my day or evening, I update my pocketbooks, stroking things off the to-do list, creating the start of my next day's to-dos, and let the cycle happen again.

I guess my call out for help comes in trying to integrate my pocket books with my XL planner. The planner was meant to replace my electronic version of my calendar. But this particular Moleskine has a whole ruled page per week. I should really utilize it somehow. But do I have enough room for a whole week of to-dos, when my current bargain to-do pocketbook has ample space for a day's worth of to-dos each day? Or do I just use the note side of each week's page to jot notes down about my appointments? I'm a photographer part-time. I figured I could use that side to jot down some notes about the event or wedding or portrait shoot or whatever. I was also thinking of using it as a reference for the day, like favorite shows on tonight, library books that are due tomorrow... just miscellaneous facts that make the day not all about to-do-to-do-to-do...

Any thoughts from my more experienced DIY'ers?? I would welcome any and all input and comments.

I'll post some snaps of my current system later tonight...
Happy planning! :)

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Sounds like you've got some good ideas

about using your new moleskine. Why not just give 'em a try for a week or two?

Personally, I'd rather not carry around more than one planner book, but when a system works for you, that's magic.

How about putting the daily tasks onto a large dated post-it note and sticking it onto the weekly page? You can still use the bound page for jotting notes and stuff, and your daily tasks won't be taking up valuable real estate and overflowing the page by week's end.

Just an idea. Let us know how it goes.