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This is just a fairly quick form I put together to keep track of my college information, including a campus map, course schedule, and professors' contact information on one sheet. ODG and PDF files.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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This is my first template, but I'm almost positive I got all of the bugs out of it. I couldn't find anything similar, so I made my own. There must be other students here that this could be useful to.

PDF: The first page is a map of my campus, so it isn't going to be of much use unless you attend Oklahoma State. Page 2, however, isn't campus specific. I've posted the pdf so those of you who don't have OOo can still use the course information sheet.

ODG: Obviously, you can and should replace the map of my campus with a map of yours. In fact, edit and chop to your hearts content. As long as there's no profit being made, I don't particularly care. If you change this into something new and interesting, I would like to see it though!

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PDF reader, OpenOffice
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You chopped off Ag Hall!

You chopped off Ag Hall! Guess you know where that is already.. lol