(Almost) 24-hour diabetes tracking log

24-hour (almost) diabetes log for tracking glucose, carbs, meds, and exercise. MS Word and pdf files included.

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I omitted a few of the night-time hours so it would fit onto one page.

The far right column is for averages and totals.

I recently started taking insulin shots so wanted to stop focusing on the exact time of glucose readings and see the patterns. Am hoping this will help.

There are lots of logs posted on the internet and this is adapted from one I found at a University of California-San Francisco site.

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Pun intended, I guess. :)

I'm t2 and 15 weeks pregnant, so we've added Lantus to my regimen and will eventually add a fast-acting insulin as well.

Your sheet is so nicely done that I can't think of anything I'd change. I'll let you know how things play out as I use it. I'm betting that a 5-day version, with the weekends on a separate sheet might be more beneficial -- weekend trends don't match workweek schedule in my case. It's just so neat having it all on one sheet, though!

Torn, is what I am. And hungry. Off to find some lunch.


I cannot thank you enough!

I have been struggling with this info, trying to figure out how to log it, and thought the only place I know to get fresh ideas is DIY planner. Sure enough, here is exactly what I need! Thank you to GG for submitting this, ygor for keeping us going, and Douglas for not giving up on the site.


Are you seeing the thumbnails/graphics on these pages? You posted in another thread that you weren't seeing them, but i see them, so was wondering if you still couldn't.