I think I'm afloat!

I spent some time this afternoon using a manual typewriter Matt and I rescued from the curb to type headings on the pages of my new circa compact planner.

I went into more detail on what is included in my blog

I'm so optimistic about this ... I feel I've really found what will work for me after all the recent life changes.

The Start Naked Method!
I highly recommend grabbing a blank notebook or stack of index cards and discover what your needs are. Things you must include will become evident quickly -- like my need for "Important Numbers" (I don't like to use my cell phone's contacts since its really for emergencies only...) and my need for a place to log the books I want to read. (I can never recall the title of the book I wanted to get once I walk through those library doors! must be those anti-theft gates)

Other things that your planner should include may take some time to develop. But when they do... you'll have a custom planner for yourself and your needs. And when you assemble your planner - I recommend having some blank pages so you can evolve and create new sections when the need arises. I have a big area of blank pages ready to refill my Brain Dump or create a new list for the reference section.

so wish me luck! This will be my first week carrying my new compact planner... and I've dusted off my levenger zip folio too :D I love that I can have it contained in soft leathery goodness or naked and in my purse for space saving convenience. Best of both worlds... i'm crossing my fingers on this one.

I hope to take pics and get them up soon. :) I hope this is the solution to my puzzle!

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Good luck!

If you come up with any good hacks, let me know. I'm still getting my system in order, too...