Hello from Kansas City

Hello, I've been reading this site for a few months.

Y'all convinced me to get a Levenger Circa Junior, which I've been looking at for ages. Thanks for the helpful coupon code! I wonder if it is a special code for DIY site users, since it is still working months after its supposed expiration date?

I used Franklin Covey about 10 years ago at a former job. That went by the wayside when I no longer got the updates fro my employer. Having planner back in my life will surely help.

Even though it's August, I need some 2009 calendar forms...rather confused on how to get them printed out, though. I could do it either on a Mac or Windows. I found a page that had lots of set up details and hints, but sadly cannot locate it again. It mentioned something about shrinking PDFs to 1/2 size?

Anyway, looking forward to getting more tips from y'all and if I think of any, I'll sure pass them on.


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