My forms print out very faint - how to get them to print out darker or even normal brightness/contrast level?

Hello, all, is anyone else having the problem of forms printing too light? They are barely legible, both lines and characters print very faintly, and certainly no shading. Is there some setting that I am not aware of or something I need to change in Acrobat?

Thanks loads to anyone who can help!!

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Which forms ?

Any ones in particular or all of them ?
What kind of printer ?
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All forms, regardless of printer

Hi, this happens with all the DIY forms, and happens with any printer I use. I do remember it also happening with another document I once downloaded which was just a report someone had done and converted to a PDF file.

Adobe preferences

There is an option to set PDF printing controls outside of the printer command. It's possible that this is the source of your problem, the control might have been changed somehow in your Adobe reader.

Open one of the grey/black print PDFs to start your Adobe Reader
Go to 'Edit', 'Preferences'
Choose 'accessibility' from the list of categories
That will show you the Adobe Reader's 'Document Color Options'
Check that the 'custom colour' has defaulted to black print. If it hasn't, change the default and save it

I hope that helps


I had absolutely NO IDEA that you could change the color like that! I must have missed this somewhere in all of the posts! I LOVE IT! I am going to go home tonight and reprint all of my templates in fun colors! Thanks for submitting these instructions! And thank you to antonias for submitting your problem so we could all benefit from possible solutions! :)

nay nay

Agreed-- problems are great learning opportuniies!!!!

Frustrating, of course, but still good opportunities. I would never have gone into the Reader menu, never--I just open files and close them, zoom, and rotate. Didn't realize there were so many interesting possibilities with Reader. Now I guess I'll be spending more on color ink for my printer! So thanks for posting the problem.

I'm glad I am not the only one...

...who didn't know about all of those options! :) I LOVE COLOR!

Colour options

You're welcome.

Just be sure to note what the default is before you change it, so you can get back to it.
It'd be 'interesting' to need something printed in a hurry for work and the pdfs are all printing in flourescent green. ;)


I actually did this today. I had set up a template yesterday to print in a burnt orange and I went to print an office document this morning and realized it was still in color... Oops. Oh well, it looked cool! :) But, good warning Katrina!

nay nay

Go to File, Print... Then

Go to File, Print...

Then select "Advanced" and select the toggle for "Print as image". Mine happened to be set at 300 dpi and that was fine. It solved my problem.