Girly-ish tween zip junior cover, but not too girly

I am now looking for a pretty zip cover for the junior sized "At A Glance" type knock-off, academic planner I picked up for my friend's 11 year old daughter.

It should be feminine but not too girly sweet so solid pink or saccarine pink patterns would be out. I'm thinking an aqua, and pink, and/or purple geometric pattern or an abstract floral.

Ideally it should have 2 vertical slip pockets: one for the calendar and one for a slim circa notebook. In other words it shouldn't have rings or if they do they should be easily removed. I believe some Dayplanners or Dayrunners have rings that are attached to a plastic padback which simply slides out.

I don't think I'm likely to find this at my office superstore (e.g.: Staples). But what about Kohl's or Target, or even Walmart? I didn't see anything like this at my local K-Mart.

I did take a quick peek on Ebay but there are so many terms to search and most descriptions and pictures are inadequate to tell if they'll meet the criteria.


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Have you considered....

a bible cover ?
Here's a sample if what I googled up: link

And here's a whole Google Search to look through

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