Please save me from myself!

Greeting all!

I'm a new member and figured this was the best place to get help! I have always used a Filofax personal since the mid-80s (same one!) but have got a little fed up with the limited diaries etc. So, you can imagine my joy when I discovered this website and the templates and the fact that there were other people who just loved to colour code and list things!

HOwever, I am now considering changing my much loved Filofax for the Filofax A5 size (there is a truly gorgeous leather one on the uk website - but a TAD expensive!)(the Siena in expresso for those who want a gander) - as I have been finding the personal a bit cramped to write in - I now have 2 new part time jobs so more scheduling - a 4 year old about to start school, a 3 year old in nursery and pre-school - and a husband who is away for 4 months at a time on a ship floating around either the Arctic or Antarctica - so scheduling is the only way I manage to keep my life vaguely on track!

So, the question is - has anyone else changed sizes and if so, how did they find it - and also - there seem to be a lot more templates available for A5 size. I have tried downloading the 3x5 and then resizing - which is OK - but I really want a diary with 2 days per page and an area for notes (for each day) - which I then use in conjuction with my weekly master sheet (colour coded for each person with 'pick-up' times for the kids) and a monthly (just keep 3 months at a time in planner) and yearly overview sheet.

Also, is the A5 paper easier to cut? I know this seems like a strange question - but am having a disagreement with my guilotine as to where 91mm actually is!

So happy to have found somewhere where asking these questions actually has the chance of an answer. Thanks in advance for any feedback

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I think A5 is closer to the "junior" or "classic" size (half of american letter size = 5.5 by 4.25 inches). You may have better luck adjusting templates that are for that size :)

Welcome to our lil sanctuary :) Enjoy!

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A5 should b easy to cut

A5 is simply half an A4 sheet and is easy to cut. My cutter is fairly inexpensive I think, made by Pava and it has A5 marked on it. I print on A4 sometimes A5 2 up from diy planners but also I often change printer setting to print 2 ages per A4 sheet (for reports etc) then cut them.

I cant say I have made a change though I did used to use a personal size filofax but for same reasons as you - space prefer A5. Also lots more space for writing. Having said that I'm on the move and still need something smaller to write on and carry without doing my back in. And that is something to consider. If you only ever have your filofax in one place or only use a car A5 alone is okay. Many folk on this forum still seem to have some form of smaller data capture opion. That'll be a small notepad to you and me. Something like a moleskine pocket (expensive) or a Rhodia pad (my fave or any A6 notepad you come across in WHSmith would do....

The filofax sienna looks lovely by the way :-)

think I have solved the conundrum!

Had a brainwave last night! I am going to move to the A Filofax size for work and daily life - size is fine in my bag - and it will allow multiple entries easier with the larger size. Think it will be the Filofax Cuban zipped rather than the Siena (better price and I like the simplicity and classic look of it - and the zip helps stop loose paper falling out!)

However, I am going to keep my much loved personal size as the main family address book - so am now in search of contact sheets for filofax personal that also has 'notes' sections ie for names and ages of friend's children - does anyone know if such a template exists?? Can't bring myself to lose such a good friend but do get fed up of all the info being on outlook.

Looks like the A5 will be easier to cut on a regular basis - which does make life simpler and I can do simple. Think I will have to find a filofax A5 punch as well - will be worth it though.

Smiles - one happy person who is about to have a really fun organising session!