Compact vs junior? Might the junior paper be easier to find or cut to?

I'm finding myself everywhere without my planner, a circa/cloth/foldover/letter sized.
I never carry a bag THAT big. I run out the door without it all the time.

So I'm wanting to downsize. Compact would fit more easily in a bag. But with the junior size being a half of a regular sheet I thought it may be easier to DIY.

Advice anyone?


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Junior is easier to DIY

Hi Nola,

I think the Junior is better if you're going to DIY it. It's easier to cut - one cut of a letter size sheet, and there are lots of templates in this size. The compact size (3.75" x 6.75") has fewer templates, and you have to make several cuts per letter size sheet. It's even harder to find the Franklin Compact size templates (4.25" x 6.75"). However, the compact size is smaller and would fit smaller bags.

Practically speaking, the junior wins. I also find that the larger page gives me more space to take notes, since I use a Circa junior for a combo planner/notebook.

My two bits,

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My vote is for compact

I started using the Junior, I thought it was great! One problem took up so much space in my bag and I felt like it was all I could carry since I dont carry a large bag. Yes it did give me a lot of space to write, make notes and so on. Although, I felt like it was too much to pull out to just jot something quickly. I decided to give the compact a try and I love it. It seems small at first but for daily use and to carry with you everywhere it is great. I also have my junior but it stays at home and I use it more as a subject notebook rather than planner.

Same here.

Especially since Levenger has the notebook-plus-300-pages sale still going on.