WTB- Circa compact zip folio

I am looking for a new or gently used circa zip folio. I am not terribly picky on the color although I am not very fond of Levengers "forest Green", "Grapemist" or "eggplant". I would really like one in black, or tan (either toffee, saddle or sand). If anyone is interested in selling theirs let me know what you are looking to get for it. Thanks!

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The Circa zipper covers are on clearance

They seem to be getting rid of everything in the compact size at Levenger. They have the compact zip cover in red, black, saddle, and navy for about $60, and the bomber leather zip cover for $70. Just go to their webpage and click on the "sale" area in the top right side of that big gray/green bar at the top. I would provide a link to them, but I had another post with a link never show up a couple of weeks ago - apparently thought I was a spammer.


I noticed that they are clearancing pretty-much all the compact. It saddens me to see that since it is what I have become use to. The compact zip folios are on sale for 59.95, but even with the 20% off then plus shipping, it is still a bit out of my price range. I was hoping that maybe someone had a used one that they no longer needed and wanted to sell.
I am a single mother, and student as well. Thankfully I am in my last semester of nursing school and in December will graduate then I can afford it...LOL. I have been using the bookcloth compact and its great, but I was thinking about the leather because of the cleaning factor. I can wipe the leather easier than the bookcloth and thats important being in the hospital all day. And also I can use the zip folio in place of my wallet as well. So that would help me a lot.
I am thinking about just waiting to see if they drop the zip folios more then maybe bite the bullet. But I am too impatient and too broke at the same time....
I have even thought of making my own...I make my own bags but a zip folio is a whole diferent ballgame.

Did you check the Levenger store on Ebay?

Sometimes they have used ones that are only a little bit used or maybe just a little bit scratched. And I think the shipping is a little bit less from there. Maybe you give that a try.

Levenger outlet on ebay has one for $20

It's a black zipper in compact size with a 2008 agenda. I know you said you wanted brown, but would black do? It's an auction, not a buy it now. Item number on ebay is 150282962335.

Saw that one...

You read my mind. I did see that one on ebay, and there is also an eggplant one...not fond of the color but if it goes for under 20$ I just may bid. I have watched them on ebay and it seems that they usually sell on there for about what Levenger online charges. And their shipping on ebay is just a tad bit less...like a dollar or so. But I will keep checking.

I don't think the eggplant one has a zipper

At least the one I saw on ebay just said it was a jacket, not a zipper folio.

edited to correct the color name.