Tournevis the Destroyer

My hubby uses 3-hole classic size to print out his liturgies. He told me he was out of paper and wanted to go to Staples later today to get some. Me, in the hopes of saving some money, and because I can, cut and punched about 75 pages for him this morning. And then I proceeded to move the individual hole punches back in their original 8.5x11 positions on my 3-hole punch. And I broke one of the screws. Yes, I broke it. Clear in half. I put took much tork into my wrist and broke one of the screw of my faithful 25-year-old Acco 3-hole punch. So much for saving money, I'm going to Staples later today to buy a punch.


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wonder woman alert!

Maybe you can find a good sale or at least a nice pen on clearance to make you feel better about being wonder woman :)

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Ah yes, but will The Holder

Ah yes, but will The Holder of the Purse agree....