Hi, there! I'm new. I am looking for a planner that works for ME!!! I used to use a planner i bought years ago that was the 5.5 x 8 -- well, i hardly ever used it because it was too big! So, the d*i*y planner CLASSIC i fear is going to be too big for me to use. I think something around a 4 x 6 would work better; anything smaller is too small. Any recommendations? Maybe the Hipster?

Or could i just resize the pages or something if I go to print off the Classic? I do like that actual physical planner binder thing (don't really like the Hipster thingy on the ring). Hope that makes sense.

Sorry if this question was already asked!


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Dynamic templates

One of our esteemed forum members, ygor, made up some dynamic templates that can be resized to any page size. They're awesome. You might want to poke around the site and find them. They should be in the templates directory somewhere...

They can be found...

right here

That link is visible from the purple "Templates" tab at the top right of the page
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Start simple and familiar

Hi! Welcome!

I suspect most of us here have been a bit uncertain when we started putting together a planner.

My advice is start simple and with a size that's familiar to you.

Finding a good-size-for-you planner can be as easy as checking your purse.
Do you have (or had) a diary or notepad or journal or shopping list etc that is a size you like and use? If you do, then consider making your planner close to that size. If it's a large size (eg letter, A4) consider making it half the size so 2 open pages are the size you like.

As for templates, there a quite a few different sizes here. The Hipster cards are good smaller planners or binders. The PDF files can be adjusted to just about any size using the printer settings.

Also, I suggest that you start with the cheapest binder you can find that you like. Then you can use it without trying to keep it looking perfect (one of the downfalls I found with pretty, quality binders). And if you change your mind and decide you don't adore your planner and want to change the size, then it's OK.