I'd REALLY like to try the Emergent Task Planner template but...

... aaahhh, I just can't figure out how to use it. I do feel ridiculous but I've tried 3 times now. I just decided to ask for help.

I know that Google is my friend. Google has been quite friendly to me and found lots of sites with this form but, alas, I must have a mental block.

So, I'm looking at the column with EDCBA. It looks like these are increments for 15 minutes or 30 minutes or one-hour and on. That part makes sense. But, I don't get the part where there are four groups of four little boxes. These also have the A through E but I can't figure out how those relate to the long column.

It's so hard to explain with words. Maybe someone can try.

Thanks in advance, Nola

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Did you get it from the author?


The author, David Seah, has detailed instructions and descriptions of what he uses the forms for on his web site. I think there's even a filled-in sample that he posted.

Anyway, all that stuff is here.

If he can't explain it so you understand it, it's time to give up.. :)


Two uses that complement

I can try to explain.

The vertical column is for planning. So, you write down in the center, on the rows, your plans for your projects for the day. Next, you plan how much time you estimate you will need to complete each project time-wise. Each little oval is equal to 1/4 an hour (the E size).

What I do is make a little mark above the little ovals that are confusing you. So, for instance, I have a project I estimate will take me 2.5 hours, I put the mark between the 6th and 7th oval. I do this for all my projects for the day (trying to keep them to 3 or less). BTW, if your projects don't go above a bare minimum of an hour, this really isn't the form for you. But anyway, Once I know how long each project is going to take, I then go to the vertical column, and mark in where I want to work on each project. There is space on one side (the outside of the old form I use). I tend to start my day at 9am, so my first hour is 9, and I run it through to the end of my day. So, starting from 9, I decide which project I'm going to work on first, and fill int its time slots into those vertical columns. On the first line, I simply write the number of the project, and circle it. I continue through until I have all my day's projects projected into the columns. Once that's done, I start work. I use my Palm to beep every 15 minutes, and if I worked without break, I fill in the little oval completely. If I get interrupted, or spend time doing non-project work, I simply put a slash through that oval. One benefit of doing this is that it helps me keep on task. Two slashes, and I'm feeling guilty enough to make myself work quite hard. ;-)

Also, in the column of underlines between the projects and the column for time, I will write in things that need to be done at particular times, or items related to the project. I use the big open block for daily todos, and reminders, phone messages, or other items that need my attention--it's an inbox.

That's how I use it. I can answer any further questions you have, but you really ought to check out David Sea's web page. www.davidseah.com. He's much more eloquent than I. :-)


Don't sell yourself short, Jon

You are one of the eloquentest guys I know :)
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