One Page Per Day w/Notes

This is my letter sized one page per day template. I don't have so many appointments that I need a whole page for them, nor do I have so many notes that I need a whole page for them (generally).

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Print page 1 on the front of a letter sized sheet and page 2 on the back. Page 3 appeared when I converted it to a pdf from MS Word and has nothing on it.

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adobe pdf
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I love this format but use a classic 1/2 letter sized sheet. I only have Adobe Reader so I can't 'shrink' this to classic. Would it be asking too much if I requested this format in a 1/2 Letter format?


Sorry for the delay in replying

If you're still interested, I could try. I've since switched from Windows to Linux, so it will be a learning experience. I'll let you know what I come up with.