Plannderpad Cover + Daytimer Refill???

I did some searches on the forum and couldn't come up with anything on this, so I apologize if it has been covered elsewhere that I missed!

I am looking into buying a journal-sized wirebound daytimer refill again, like I used to use all the time. It's just so frustrating to see the huge cost of getting started with Daytimer...the planner pages are in the $30-$40 range, and then even their cheapest covers are over $30. I'm just kind of broke these days, and am looking for a better deal.

I noticed that the wirebound Plannerpad personal size was just slightly larger than the Daytimer journal pages, and their covers are about $25.....has anyone tried to put a Daytimer journal-sized planner book into a Plannerpad personal-sized cover?? Do you think it would work?


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No, I haven't tried that

I suppose it would work if you were willing to cut the Daytimer planner book's cover down to fit it into the cover. I'm not sure if the rest of the pages will fit though.

If I was looking at saving a money I'd find a 'dollar shop' or one of those places that sells very cheap wirebound diaries and wirebound notebook/journal. A $2 diary & notebook combined can become a planner, if you're willing to draw up your own project/task etc pages in the notebook. Or you can find a series of templates you like, print them and glue them into your cheapy notebook

Ebay it. a lot of folks

Ebay it. a lot of folks start out with a system and abandon it.

I found the templates I

I found the templates I liked, modified and printed and took to Staples and got a $1.99 binding job and used their cover. Of course they will bind whatever cover you like.

I was myself all worked up about the cover and didn't want to get stuck with the outlay. So I went this affordable route and it has been golden. Maybe if I take the time Ill find a cover for cheap or that I like and transition alter on!

Daytimer Cover

Check out thrift stores. I found a $65 leather planner in
Goodwill for $2 with all the bell and whistles inside. I buy
planners on the cheap for the specialty parts I want but can't afford to buy.