WRITERSBLOCK... NEW Moleskine alternative

This weekend I got the new Kikkerland catalog. Kikkerland used to distribute the Moleskine line in the US until Chronicle Books took it over earlier this year.

Kikkerland has a new line of books called WRITERSBLOCK. These books come in 3 sizes:
Large - 10h X 7.5w - dotted and plain pages - msrp = $10
Medium - 8.25h X 5.5w - dotted, ruled and squared pages - msrp = $7
Small - 5.5h X 3.5w - dotted, ruled and squared pages - msrp = $4
No page count or thickness mentioned in the catalog and I do not know if the prices above are for a single book or a set of 3. I think it is for a set of 3. The books look to be like the Moleskine Cahier in thickness but I will repost when I get my samples.

The paper is "Smooth acid free 80lb paper". I think this is heavier than what is used in the Moleskine line and perhaps even the Clairefontaine and Rhodia lines.

They seem to come in a variety of colors. They do not mention the page count or thickness in their catalog.
I am ordering some samples and can report back when I get them.
Just wanted to let everyone know and see if anyone has heard of these yet.

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I've look at Kikkerland, but still can not find them.

October 10

They will be available to ship to resellers Oct. 10. I am trying to get samples for review before that. They will not show on the Kikkerland site until after October 10.

This is a made and designed for and by Kikkerland item and is the first in the Stationery line they are developing.

They will come in 6 colors:
Hunter Green
Dark Blue
Faded Black
Maroon/Deep Brick

They are like the Moleskine Cahier and sold in sets of 3 for $4 with 80 pages vs the small Cahier at $6.95with 64 pages. Dealer cost is exactly 1/2 the msrp.


BTW, I think they spell it WritersBlok

That's what I came up with when I did a Google search.

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein and Buckaroo Banzai

Writersblok almost available...

At least it's now shown on their website: www.kikkerlandshop.com/writesblok.html

Sorry, no pricing or availability yet.


"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein and Buckaroo Banzai

WRITERSBLOK back to the drawing board BUT...

Funny this comment should appear today. I was emailing with Laura at Kikkerland about the WRITERSBLOK notebooks just today.

This is what she said:
"Below you asked about the WRITERSBLOK notebooks. The notebooks came extremely late in November. Also, what was sent to us from the factory did not meet up to our quality standards so they are back on the drawing board. Basically, we are not that excited and we would like to rework them.

We are most excited about the LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks from Germany. (L1917 for short!)"

I just got some info on these and will be posting it once I get a chance. I also asked her to send me 12 of the smaller size with plain pages so I could send them out to a few people for review. When I have them late next week I will post something here and on other forums to see who would like to review them.

The small size is 3.5 X 6 inches and has 100gsm "ink proof" paper. It will retail for about $9. There are two other sizes, 5.75 X 8.25 (about $13) and their A4 plus size which is 9 X 12.5 (about $28).

All these books have a pocket in the rear and an elastic band to keep it closed.

They seem to be quite picky about the paper. They are shipping to resellers in late March/early April. Other offerings in this line will be available at the National Stationery show mid May.

Will try to keep everyone posted.