Novice needs HELP

I would like to use the dynamic generator for day/week/month in order to do 2009, but I cannot figure out what to download and where to download it. Is the founder of this site going to make an all-inclusive PDF downloadable package for 2009? This would help me so very much as I use a Classic size planner and the pages are just SO very expensive to buy. Thank you for any help you can give a new member.

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If you click on the purple

If you click on the purple tab at the top of the page, you can download the application. The point is that you do it yourself, hence DIYplanner. Dowload the app for the model you like. Print. Put in a folder/circa/whatever. Use.

downloading the app

If, like me, you are on a work computer that does not allow you to download any apps nor run anything that Big Brother deems non-essential to your work (even if they don't ask you what you do or what you need) maybe someone would help you out. If you know what you need (two page per day, monthly, etc.) someone might be willing to make it for you and post the pdf file for printing.

I get around such stupidity by running portableapps on a USB flash drive. A good collection of ueeful apps and all of them open source (so they're free). Rescued some Microsoft only people by having to convert docx format files to whatever the establishment Windows trogs insist everyone uses.

PortableApps Rock !!

I use them myself to do OpenOffice stuff at work.

And the cost of bigger thumb drives is coming down. I scored a couple of 8Gb units for $20 each Link
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I agree completely with the

I agree completely with the two comments above. It's a great idea.

Of course

At work we are not allowed to plug anything in to the USB port unless it was bought by The Company. So no downloading, no installing, no plugging.

To be honest, I don't blame them. With the number of computers on the intranet and the potential cost of cleaning it all up plus the information that could be compromised, I think slightly angering the worker bees is a small price to pay. After all, The Company bought the computers and networks to begin with. Knowing They log were I visit on line doesn't stop me from visiting here several times a day and playing on Webkin's World after hours :-).