What paper?

What paper do you use in your diy planner?

This kind of comes from another thread where Arthur from Renaissance art said he uses Hammermill Color Copy Cover stock with 98 brightness and 60 pound cover stock in his products. He gave me a distributor address for the UK but it still looks like it isnt readily available in the UK. It might be called Duo here.

Anyway, I kind of want something easily available that prints well but can handle writing with a gel or rollerball pen. I'd also really like something available in A5 but I can use a guillotine :-)

Anyway I wondered what everyone used a their planner paper. Any old cheap printer paper or something a bit more special?

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Regular paper, but..


I use regular paper, but one or two grades heavier than standard cheapie stuff. I use 24 lb mostly. I write with a ---well, I'm not sure what it is, actually. It's a TUL from OfficeMax, can't remember whether it's a rollerball or a gel.

I buy my paper from the local office supply, so you might try wandering through the aisles to see what's available. I was personally looking for the brightest white I could get and grabbed one ream. It's lasted me for a year and a half, I think, since I don't use letter size. :)

I have Staples brand 24lb 97 bright printing paper. This is smoother than the cheapie stuff DH got for general use. When I write on one side in blue, then flip the page over and lay it down on my black desk, I can barely discern I've written on the other side. Laying it on a white surface I can see the shadow of my writing, but it's not readable.

For cheapie copy paper, we have some Xerox 20 lb he got on sale. With this paper, I can see a shadow of the blue writing from the back on my black desk, but it mostly hasn't bled through. On a white surface, I can just about read my writing.

Anyway, the points are:
1) Go to the nearest paper place and try something that's not the cheapest and not the heaviest and see if you like it.

2) 24 or 28 lb will probably give you a nice combination of satisfaction and price.

3) It doesn't have to be a big brand name.


Whatever you want

The only loose paper I'm using at the moment is 3x5 cards.

However, in the past I have used many different types of paper in my planners. Most of it I got from small printshops who I found happy to sell remainders and mistakes very cheaply. At one time I was using a box of misprinted A5 wedding invitations (bride's first name misspelt!) on heavy weight parchment style paper as planner paper, which I got for 50 cents for 500 sheets.

Paper, paper, paper

I use a Franklin Covey, classic size, 7 ring planner. Instead of spending tons on a whole punch, that someday may be useless IF I change planner types, I buy FC's prepunched blank paper in packages of 200 sheets. About 10 bucks for it but it's not bad considering how much I save by not buying pre-printed forms.

Some HP premium paper...

I'm using some HP premium paper that I found recommended here or on fountainpennetwork.com. I'm in the US, so I was hoping for something available in 5.5 x 8.5 inch size, which is near to A5. No luck for me at any of the big office supply shops, so I got US letter size and took it to my local FedEx Kinko's and had them cut it in half.

You might try fountainpennetwork.com for paper suggestions, and I suggest that you go to a copy shop or some similar place and have them cut the whole ream for you. It didn't cost me much money, and it took a lot less time that guillotining pages would have. The copy shop might have good paper suggestions (and samples) too.

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