How do I change the hPDA text labels using OOo Draw 2?

First-of-all, thanks are due to Doug for setting up this site.

It's interesting...he uses GTD & hPDA to get more organized...then he uses his newly found free time to help us use GTD & hPDA...I suspect that he is busier than ever...ironic, isn't it?

Anyway, I have downloaded the Graphics version of the hPDA. I have been successful using OOo Draw 2 to resize the templates for 4x6 index cards. Unfortunately, I have not discovered how to change the text labels. For example, how do I change the "To Do" label to "@Home"? Do I need to download one of the other files? I have avoided using the widget kit so far, because I don't want to reinvent the whole thing.

I appreciate any guidance anyone can give me.


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Modding hPDA Graphics

Sticking my head in for a bit. (Pretty busy on DiyP3 at the moment, hence the lack of updates.)

Probably the easiest way to modify the hPDA templates, assuming you don't want to do anything extreme, is to open the PNG files in Photoshop ($$$) or the Gimp (free). In your case, you can simply create a white block over the existing text, and use the text tool to create your new header. Bonus points for using the same font (Blue Highway) and matching the text size. Save the file as a PNG with your new template name, and voila!

Hope this helps.

all my best,

See what I mean...I throw a

See what I mean...I throw a question out there and Doug answers it TWELVE minutes later! Definitely above and beyond the call of duty.

It goes without saying...Thanks for all your hard work (Thanks also to others working behind the scenes).

Doug...your recommendation was so obvious that I am upset that I didn't see the answer myself. I tried to to use GIMP, but I find that it is a bit difficult (for me) to use. I was able to do the same thing in OOo Draw 2 with similar Blue Highway, no less...

Thanks, again,