Myndology/Atoma/ADOC help (and frustration)

After wasting hours and hours on online searches, I am turning to the experts for help:

I want to use a disc bound system to organize my academic articles, which can run from 20-30 pages each. I need a range of disc sizes from smaller ones for day-to-day usage to larger ones for storage. I also need some sort of dividers so I can actually organize the articles within the notebooks themselves.

I have tried both Myndology and Circa. I love Myndology's A5 size, which is perfect for left-handers. But they do not offer any sort of accessories and their largest disc is only 5/8". I do not like the Circa size. It is uncomfortable which reduces its usability, but Levenger provides dividers and discs that range in size from 1/4" to 1 1/2".

Both Atoma and Adoc offer the accessories I need...but apparently not in the U.S. I'm hoping that someone out there can recommend online stores that ship to the U.S. - I don't care how much they charge, I just want them to ship outside the U.K.

Thanks for any and all help!

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True, but Rollabind is the

True, but Rollabind is the same size (5.5"x8.5") as Circa.

Nothing stopping you from using Rollabind on A5

except that you will have to do your own covers
Rollabind Scrapbook/Crafter Products
Rollabind Business Products

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CIRCA Clarification

the word "Circa" is actually a product name, not the size of a notebook. Junior or Classic usually means 5.5" X 8.5" size. Rollabind offers letter size notebooks as well as smaller refills and such.

I apologize for not

I apologize for not mentioning that I was talking about the junior size...since I was discussing the A5 notebook, I did a mental jump to circa/rollabind's closest equivalent in size, which are too "skinny" for my needs.

After hunting through my local Staples and shelling out quite a few dollars to Levenger, I understand the difference between the two companies :)

What about Myndology ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

But they do not offer any

But they do not offer any sort of accessories and their largest disc is only 5/8".

I love Myndology. But I need dividers and bigger rings, both which Adoc has.. :(

Have you asked Jason ?

He may be able to get stuff.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I want to understand your frustration

You seem to say that you love ADOC/Atoma/Myndology and that you hate Rollabind/Levenger/Circa in the same breath.

They are almost-identical systems. With the minor exception of the disc cross-section, they ARE identical.

I prefer Rollabind/Circa for one and only one reason: availability of parts and tools. Both Rollabind and Levenger sell punches, small, medium and honking ginormous. And they sell discs in 5 different sizes between them. Have a look at this wonderful chart shris made of disc sizes. Here is an old thread discussing discs and sizes and such. Cover material can be had from many different sources and then cut to size.

This is all about Doing It Yourself. I would love to play with them aluminum discs that Myndology sells, but not without a punch. I'm saving my pennies for that $145 punch
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Myndology add ons

Larger disc sizes are available, and I can get them, just send me an email with your request.

Regarding tabbed folders and other add ons.... this is very timely as we are right now working on this. We are looking into expanding either our current line or creating an entirely new line that will have a variety of peripherals available. As this project develops I'd like to tap you guys to find out what you would like to see from us. If there are any must have items, I'd like to know what they are and we will definitely make them. Are there materials you prefer, such as plastic or recycled paper covers? It going to be a fun project, and if any of you are interested in being consultants let me know... there will be fringe benefits of course:)




Count me in! I've been craving some kind of creative/productive project and if I can offer any assistance - let me know :D

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Myndology folders would be nice

and very useful. Would also love to see the repositionable rulers like Adoc includes with their notebooks--they make a great placeholder.

Jason -- where do I sign up?

I'd love to see a whole line of accessories available -- just some ideas: plastic and recycled paper covers, plastic tabs, folder/dividers, and a greater variety of discs (e.g. all the colors used in the notebooks plus the wooden ones that Atoma carries). I love it that you offer the neutral and aluminum discs -- really sets this product apart from the others. The repositionable rulers are a great idea too.


would like to be added to the list if you're interested in expanding to serve the legal field, as I mentioned elsewhere. I really love the Bare paper and am anxious to see it available in 8 1/2 x 11 size.

jason also interested

I would like to be a part of your project if possible. My work involves much cross over in to stationery industry so the research... I do have. Thanks! beth

offers and advice

This is a great start- thanks for the ideas. I am keeping a list of consultant and people interested in giving feedback on the new items we are working on. I will email you as we make a little more progress and the ideas find their way to reality...hopefully sooner rather than later, as these things always seem to take more time than expected.


I'd love to be a consultant, too -- though I just got my first Myndology order, and love it! (Plus, at least three people at work think it's just fine, too.)

For my purposes, the things I can think of immediately would include divider pages, pocket pages so you can tuck in loose papers that aren't punched, paper that's graph on one side/ruled on the other (I really love my notebooks that have that, but I hate that they're wire-bound) and (most important) a pen/pencil loop or attachment so I can keep the two together.

Twila (long-time lurker/friend of LisaPT)

What did you get?

Hi there!

What Myndology loot did you get? I'd love to get some of the bare notebooks, but I've already got so much circa stuff. I've heard they are not 100% compatible. I'd love the graph/lined as well. What I'd really like is engineer's grid paper. Levenger has some, but the lines are gray which makes it useless for this engineer. I do math and engineering in pencil and I just can't see gray on gray (yes, I do DIY).

BTW, if you want someone to be able to contact you, you'll have to register with this site.


What I got!

One of the Bare Journals (in pine) and the mini note (two rings) in cranberry. I really like them. I of course haven't gone Circa (hmmm. Good thing, eh?) so I don't have any of that to compare them with. I like that the rings are colored the same as the notebook cover, and the lines on the journal are a nice brownish. I just wish the option of plain or graph was there before buying refills. I think I'd also be happier with thinner spaces between lines, but then I always think that.

Sigh. Since I now have this site on my daily check bookmarks I guess I'd better register. Sigh.

hear hear

Hi Jason,

I just stumbled on the wonderful products of myndology recently! While I love the functionality of being able to re-arrange and take out pages, I really want to see accessories such as dividers and tabs that people have mentioned above. Personally, I love the Ampad Computation Books (yellow paged lab notebooks) to take notes especially for engineering, so I think it would be great if you expanded your line to include similar products.

Keep me in the loop!