Doane Paper Style Notecard

Doane paper (available at is the perfect fusion of note paper and graph paper. I have been using Doane Paper for most of my note taking for the past year, as have many people around the web. Of course, we can't always have a letter-sized pad handy at all times. So I set out to create a note card sized version of Doane Paper.

This note card has lines every quarter of an inch (allowing generous writing space) and grid lines every eighth of an inch. The result is a single notecard that is both a lined note card and a graph paper note card.

Finally, this card features a 1/8" margin all the way around the card, allowing for a markings to the side of your writing/drawing.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

This note card is best printed using a color printer. I have posted a one up version of this card.

The writing lines are perfect for note taking and the grid lines make it easy to draw other forms, or just keep everything lined up.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Acrobat reader, or any other PDF reader
doaneStyleCard.pdf1.2 KB
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Thanks for this! I've printed out about 15 of them on the back of regular index cards to use, so it's this one one side, and landscape lines on the other.

I'm a complete thief.

this idea is absolutely brilliant for someone who was going to waste time having big-grid & small grid, as well as lined... so I stole it! Thanks much!!!

see the template I'm putting up (if I figure out how) to check out how I added it to my pages... for now...


though I can't seem to find it. perhaps there's a waiting period b/c I'm new?

All user templates....

.... have to be approved, not just newbie's. So, be patient. Our once most prolific moderator has had his feet cut off of him at work, so the waiting period may be longer than makes one happy. :-)


In queue

I've emailed Nicole offlist... the template will be forthcoming as soon as she answers my question. Thanks for being patient.


Template is up!

Hey all,

Nicole and I have hashed out the issues and I have approved her first template. Go check it out, I think it's rather nifty. Hopefully Nicole can give us some more dates to use in the future!

Good job and thanks for submitting.