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I'm new here. I've been using a DIY "Operations Manual" for running our household for over a year -- it's a regular-sized binder full of plastic page protectors with chores, lunch menus, meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, info for babysitters, and whatever else I feel like putting in there. It lives in our kitchen and is the go-to reference for everyone in the family.

But now I need my own binder, a Classic size binder that can go with me when I'm out and about. I carry a BlackBerry, but it's not always easy to scroll through the calendar and figure out if I can schedule a doctor appointment Tuesday at 3, or if I can agree to be at the school for a meeting with a teacher next Thursday at 10 -- a tiny calendar is just not cutting it. Or, when I'm at speech therapy with a really tired 4-year-old, and they're trying to schedule a makeup appointment time, I type on the BlackBerry and it winds up coming out as gibberish that I have to remember and translate later on. Multiply by four kids, carry the 7 for exhaustion, and it's just not fun for Mom. I've taken to carrying 2 weeks worth of my printed calendar with me, and I'd like to put together a nice binder.

So, I've found some good sources of the binders themselves, like Amazon and I've found that it's easy to order 8.5 x 5.5 sheet protectors, tabbed dividers, etc -- if anyone needs links, please ask.

What I haven't found is a good 3-hole punch that I can be sure will punch the right size/spacing and that is reasonably priced. I would greatly appreciate either a specific brand/model number, or a link to purchase such a thing. I am hoping to spend about $20 at most. I already have a paper cutter, and I may decide to have an entire ream sliced at my local office supply store, but the ability to punch the holes in anything is important to me.



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Abbi - I would try finding a three hole punch that can be adjusted for both letter size and classic size - then you have the best of both of your worlds (at home and on the go). An example would be... Swingline® Commercial Desktop Paper Punch Item # 765040 ($13.49) at Office Depot - this looks like you can move the "heads" to different spacing, so you would be able to punch letter size or classic size paper. Double check each punch you look at to make sure the heads are adjustable to the spacing you need for classic.

So, long story short - check out your local office supply store!

Best of luck!
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