Printing suggestions

I have spent couple of hours trying to figure out how to print and cut the DIY planner pages. I think I have a good solution now, but would like to offer two suggestions to Doug and other contributors:

a. Insert page #s on each page so that its easy to assemble after cutting. This is especially useful when we are trying to setup the planner the first time as it is easy to print and cut in "bulk". I ended up downloading an eval version of Acrobat 9 and adding page #s to keep my sanity.

b. The Classic (not 2-up) version needs to have a duplex print option. Most of the work places have shared/high-speed printers and its very difficult to print on one side and turn around. I tried printing "2-pages" to a sheet, but it messed up the order.

Other than that, I am very grateful and happy with the planner pages. I'll setup the system today.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


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counter suggestion

Been there and done that.

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