Hello from Minnesota

I sort of followed the metaphorcal bread crumbs to this site this summer. For some reason a few months back I remembered a friend had told me about a "pda" using index cards. It had been several years since this conversation, so I had to call him up to see if he still remembered anything about that. He did, and sent me the link to Merlin Mann's 43Folders site. From there I hopped right over to DIY Planner for the stellar templates, and before I knew it I was reading David Allen's GTD from cover to cover and heading toward a more organized and fulfilling life.


That out of the way, I am very excitied to find a gathering of fellow lovers of paper products, creativity, and the like. I am very much a pen and paper guy in all aspects of my life (except at my day job, where I do database reporting, or as my three-year-old son so perfectly summarizes it, "push buttons"). I have a file box full of "cool journals" that I bought over the years but never actually used in the days before I discovered Moleskine, a "cool journal" I wasn't afraid to allow myself to write in. It has been happy days since the little black notebooks came into my writing life! I have also been using index cards sporadically for several years, carrying my treasured Levenger International Pocket Briefcase with me everywhere, but never having any kind of system to organize the resulting free-floating notes. Now, the pieces are suddenly fitting together. In the two months I have been using the Hipster and working to incorporate GTD into my daily everything I feel like I have a new lease on life, ready to set real goals and achieve them.

Thanks to all of you who have been here for a while; I have learned a tremendous amount and gotten some great ideas from reading through past postings and forum threads. Keep getting things done, everyone!

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Welcome from MN!

A fellow Minnesotan - Yay! I am from MN as well, so just wanted to send you a hello and welcome! Glad to have you here and to hear about your system. Can you give us more details on how you have set up your system? I am always interested in what people do and what they carry around with them, as it may help my system out or someone else's!

Anyway, Welcome and talk to ya' later,
nay nay :)

My system is still evolving

I am still in the early stages of using both the Hipster PDA and GTD, and the recent birth of my second son has limited my time and energy for experimentation and implementation. But what I have in my pocket right now is working pretty well, so here is a quick tour:

Most of my card are from the Hipster templates package from this very site. After my cover card (basic home and work contact info) I have three double-sided Actions cards: Telephone, Internet, Home, Work, Computer, and Errands. I am attemptong to make use of the Harmony card, so that usually floats around near the front of the stack somewhere. Next are four double-sided weekly calendars, so I always have the next 7-8 weeks available for planning. (I don't have a very complicated schedule, so this format is quite sufficient for me.) Then a double-sided card of phone numbers, a double-sided Finances card for jotting down expenditures for later entry into Quicken, a To Do list which I am using to track books I want to read next, and a free-form Someday/Maybe list on a blank card. After that a couple of cards I made up with medical and diet info for my oldest son, a handful of clean plain cards for notes, and the spiffy GTD reference card at the back. All told, about two dozen cards, give or take.

A week or two into this experiment I had occasion to cut down a number of legal size manila folders (which I have in ridiculous abundance) to make some letter size folders (which I was sadly short of). I was left with a stack of odd folder ends with no apparent use beyond perhaps calligraphy practice. Then it struck me that these leftover strips were -- wait for it-- three inches wide! So I folded out the first expansion crease on the bottom, measured and cut to fit, and voila! I have a sturdyish cover for my Hipster. I use it so it opens at the top, so I can flip through my cards easily, and my binder clip holds the whole thing together. Not earth shaking, but I like it.

Well, that's my Hipster PDA story so far. I am sure as I keep readinig here I will keep tweaking and exploring as well!


"I used to be indecisive, but now I am not so sure." Roscoe Pertwee

Sounds Efficient!

and simple! I like the use of the leftover manila folder pieces! VERY DIY! :) I actually do this same thing quite often (cutting down legal for letter size folder - why do we all have an abundance of legal size??). So, I will have to look at making a cover for my index cards! Great idea. Keep 'em coming!