Help - Need to custom design planner page format

Hi there,

I'm new here and found this site while searching for web based planner page custom design software. I would like to customize my pages with sections, column widths, text, etc. Is there anything on this site to help me do that?

Thank you so much,


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Is there anything on this site to help me do that?

We have lots of information and experience you are welcome to access.
Any graphic software will do the job. We recommend Open Office. Its graphic mode does a very nice job.

Or are you looking for something like our Dynamic Templates ?
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Try this

Hi. (a free download), specifically the Draw program, plus the 'widget kit' available from this site = any professional looking forms you care to design.

Many of the templates you see in the 'templates directory' were designed using the widget kit.

Widget kit can be found here.