SOLD- Levenger Victorious Station

OK, so it's not a planner, but it is a closely-associated organizing tool, right?

I bought this in December 2007, and loved it. The little door on the front, the compartmented drawer, the slots for each day of the month. This is a gorgeous organizing piece. And it was quite the converation piece in my kitchen, as well, where I home-base all my paperwork.

It's black. It's discontinued. I'm asking $50 plus shipping cost (not packaging cost, though- That's my fault!).

It's in as-new condition, though the box is long gone. I will package it up as securely as it came to me, though, and ship it to someone with a more...similar color scheme. I would be willing to consider a trade for a cherry one.


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Still available

And taking offers.

If nobody here wants this, I'm putting it up on eBay next weekend.


Levenger Victorious Station

Do you have photos of this - I would love to see it.

Thanks so much.



Didn't mean to leave this so long! I've been at home, sick, and not even touching the computer!!

I'll get some photos tonight, and post the link.

Thanks for asking!!


Sold yet, Erica?

"To fly, we must have resistance."

still available

And pictures are here:

I put the link out here a few days ago, but it got eaten by the Spam-Monster. Sorry for the delay!

I"ll buy it.

If you haven't sold it yet, I'll take it. If it's taken, no worries.

I would have contacted you through the contact tab, but it wasn't available for your user name.

It's yours!

I don't know why the contact tab wasn't available for me. I'll try to contact you, since it's not good to post emails in the forums (and not allowed, either, as I understand it).

Sold and shipped

Thanks for looking!