A challenge for Google-masters

I want a program to do the following:

Every now and then pick a line from a specified text file and display it on the computer monitor.

Also desireable aspects:

* You start the program and it picks lines either at set itervals (like 'every 15 minutes') or slightly randomized intervals ('between 5 and 20 minutes.)

* The lines can be selected from the text file either randomly or in rotation, I don't care about that.

* The text is displayed on top of whatever else is going on, and stays there until you click it away.

My planned use is to run this with a collection of 'writing tips/reminders' (like 'Show don't tell') and 'encouraging slogans' ('All first drafts suck. Keep writing!') and 'stern warnings' ('Start writing or the Grues will eat you!') and whatever during Nanowrimo.

Of course, you could adapt the text file to fit whatever you're working on --Staying on a diet, decluttering your house, breaking or creating a habit, etc.

Anyway, this seems a not-too-unusual thing to want, but I haven't been able to turn one up. The closest has been to display randomly chosen texts in the browser of whoever visits your web page -- but I want one to run on my home computer.

Probably the biggest problem in looking for one is that I can't think what search terms to use. "Reminders" turns up ones to remind you scheduled todo and such. "Display quotations" gets you all those web gizmos.

Anybody have any good ideas?

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Study aid, flashcard thing


I can't remember the name of the software, but there's a program out there to help people learn things via memorization. You plug in the data you want to memorize, and it quizzes you at intervals on the stuff. If you get the question right, it will wait a little longer before quizzing you on that item again. If you get it wrong, it will quiz you more often.

It's supposed to be more scientific about helping you learn, based on how many reps and how long between reps is optimal for memorizing new information. Written by a fellow with an asian name, I think. I can't remember whether it's freeware or just cheap, but either way it won't set you back much.

Erk. Maybe flashcards and memorization tool would be better google terms?


Flash cards, eh?

That might do the trick. I'll take a look, thanks.

WinDoze PC or Mac ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Whoops! For windows (XP Home)

Pretty obvious thing to leave out, sorry!

message of the day

This might be the kind of thing you're looking for.

I've no idea what it's like - google found it

www (dot) softpedia (dot) com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/Message-Of-The-Day-Mover (dot)shtml

Weird connections


I did a search on 'nag me software' and came up with This item. No idea if it's any good or anything.

I was actually trying to remember a software title called 'bugme' which is not really what you want at all, but the title was catchy. :) That one is for PalmOS only, alas.