New type person

I’m a newbie here (to this site certainly not to the planner disease)!

I was just looking for ideas and answers. I bounce back and forth from paper planners to Outlook to Blackberry (the latest and greatest) but can never seem to get it right (smooth, efficient, and comfortable).

+ My new job as an administrator makes Outlook and shared, printable, and emailable calendars very attractive when I think about my staff checking my schedule or making appointments for me.
- Computer keyboard is easier than Blackberry buttons but still takes time and opportunity. With all the things happening at my job I don’t find time to go to tasks and type out a to-do or a phone call to make.
+ The computer is great for not transposing or losing to-dos and appointments.

+ But paper is easier/faster to jot on than the blackberry and I’m not always at the computer keyboard.
+ Paper is often easier to visualize (month at a glance). I sometimes can keep things straight when I can flip from page to page.
- When I’m away from my desk and keyboard I need to capture ideas (or I forget). Capture pads and such work but I end up with ½ dozen papers in my pocket and I often find a notebooks and legal pads with month old lists.
- I really like the feel of writing with (and accumulating) my many fountain pens rollerballs, pencils etc.

+ The Blackberry is great because I can check my work schedule and to-dos when I’m away from the office.
- Making a Blackberry or computer entry distracts me from the person or task I’m dealing with.
+ Social situation go much smoother without my Franklin tether attached to my hand.

+++++ The Blackberry is the bomb for keeping the addresses synced with my computer. One list, many places = a winner.
+++++ Blackberry … email enough said!

But how do I reconcile these opposing needs desires and fetishes? I’m starting to embrace the GTD multiple lists concept which pushes me toward paper but…

Can one thing be right? Can paper and technology live a peaceful coexistence? Or am I doomed to endure this torment for all eternity (at least until I see another cool planner system)?

Any success stories, suggestions, tips, or encouragement would be appreciated.


PS Don’t even mention Email…

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common problem....

I believe this to be a common problem with us "paper-folks" living in this age of fun technology. So, the best solution to this problem is really to find what works best for you! I know, that advice bites because everyone is looking for a real final answer...

So, I will explain how I use these tools and maybe some other folks will too, and then that might help move you to the right compromise...

I use Outlook calendar which syncs to my smartphone. I sometimes print a month out and put it in my planner because, like you, I can remember it better if I see it on paper. When I add something to the paper calendar, I put a checkmark next to it when I have updated Outlook (that way I know when everything is updated). I use paper to capture my to do lists, because quite honestly if I put the actions in outlook, I forget about them. I have certain things that I need to carry with me at all times and I have typed those out in Outlook Memos so they are on my phone. And, I use Outlook/phone for all of my contacts.

So, in summary, the only thing I write out on paper are my to-dos. (I use a compact/persoal size planner so it is easy to carry anywhere and everywhere). The rest of my info is in outlook and syncs with my phone. And, of course, I can print any of the outlook stuff whenever I feel like it to carry in my planner...

Hope this helps a little. The best thing to do, is to write down everything you need to capture throughout the day and how you feel you want to capture it and then smoosh it all together to make your system! The best part of DIY is that the system is made FOR YOU!!

Keep us updated as your ideas may be new to all of us!

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