Filofax A5 or Levenger Junior ? Recommendations?

First, I am new here. What a great place!

Secondly, I want to set up a notebook for everyday business use that includes contacts, appointments, todo's and note paper.


I use a BlackBerry and have contacts to print from Outlook, older contacts in Palm software.

I own a Levenger Junior and like that I can lay it flat, change page order, build with rings, etc. I own the Levenger hole punch, plus a few other Levenger folios.

I like the Filofax A5 quality very much, but would have to buy it, plus accessories and paper. I like the Filofax software, both address and print to file and really appreciate that it instructs you how to print duplex with a non-duplex equipped printer, which I have. Is there third party software that can do this for the Levenger Junior?

I have read that printing to the Levenger pre-punched paper is problematic, but suppose I could print and punch myself (the paper, not myself).

I travel a lot and lighter weight is always welcome.

Any on going cost advantages to one over the other?

Thanks very much for your thoughts!


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If you have the punch, why

If you have the punch, why bother with the pre-punched paper? Just get some nice printer paper and do it all yourself, it'll be cheaper and you won't have to worry about the holes messing with the printer.

Hi, Nolan, it's nice to see

Hi, Nolan, it's nice to see a new person here. I'll tell you my opinions for what they're worth.

You might go to flikr and look at all the photos of Filofax and Circa notebooks--there are hundreds of each, and you get a good idea of how they work out in practice. Although it looks like people tend to post photos just after they've got the notebooks and set them up and not after they've been in use for a while.

Keep in mind that if you go with the Circa you'll need to use heavy-weight paper, 28- or even 32-lb, and that will be heavy if you carry around a couple of months' pages. And you won't be able to punch too many of those in your Circa punch--maybe two or three pages at a time. That will get really tedious. I use 24-lb paper which is a bit flimsy for frequent use in the Circa, and can only punch 4 or 5 pages at a time.

Why not get a ream of 32-lb paper, have the office supply print shop cut it in half, and set up your Circa notebook with that paper and carry it around, in a folio, for a month or so? You may find it too heavy.

Filofax paper is lighter and nice to write on, and their agenda pages are nicely designed. The binders aren't light-weight, but the paper is, so overall I'd think a Filofax would be lighter than a Circa. And not so fussy.

For printing your own pages, you can use lighter-weight paper with the Filofax (though 20-lb will give you some show-through) and you can either get the Filofax hole punch or save some money by getting two three-hole punches with moveable dies and put all six dies on one punch.

My own solution for light weight and convenience, per a suggestion by someone here, was to get a nice three-ring address book (from the office supply store or from Borders) and use a regular hole punch I already had and 24-lb paper. It's light-weight and very nice-looking for business use. Not as fussy as a Circa. No need for the six-hole punch configuration. Much less complicated and much, much less expensive than either Circa or Filofax. I still read about Filofaxes and Circas, but the temptation to change my system is never overwhelming.

Over the long run, the Circa might be cheaper if you print out your own agenda pages, but the Filofax pages are really nice. And Circa-punching the pages could get to be annoying. Sometimes I punch three or four pages and find that I didn't have them aligned just right, and the punches are off a little. So the pages don't line up nicely. Then I want to re-print and re-punch. That gets old after it happens a few times. That sort of thing does happen once in a while with a regular hole punch, but not nearly as often. With so many holes, and such a limited capacity, the Circa punch seems fussier.

I've been wondering about the print-to-file Filofax software also, so am hoping someone will chime in with their experience.

Best wishes,

Thank you for the wonderful input GG!


Thank you for your thoughts and time put into the reply to my many questions. I had not thought about the paper weight issue, which is important to me given my biz travel. In the past I tended to get carried away with lots of pages in a planner, and got into screenshots from the web etc., so lighter is much better for me. Your thoughts about hole punches is most helpful.

Over time I have collected a number of Levenger folios and like the quality, but frankly, always seem to drop them because of the Circa punches. Things get scrunched and don't comply with any existing ring systems. I really like the Filofax quality and it seems I could probably satisfy my software need for printing duplex with a non-duplex printer. I would like to know if there is any third party software out there that can provide this duplex feature for printing addresses and calendars for Filofax A5 and/or Levenger Junior.

Thank you again for your very helpful thoughts!


My 2 pennies worth!

I have just got an A5 filofax and I have used some of the templates from this site to use with it as it came empty. I just bought a ream of A5 paper today.

Infact, the calender template I used was GG's (and it's fab!) and I have printed that double sided on my printer straight onto A5 paper - my printer isn't duplex, the settings allowed me to mirror the margins so that there was enough room to punch the holes and print one side then put them back through for the other side to print. It really was easy to do without too much of a problem and I've never done it before - I didn't even realise my printer was capable of that! The only thing I had to do was work out what margin to put on the left hand side (obviously it had to be larger than the other margins to allow for the holes) and it turned out to be 2cm on the left with just 0.5cm for the top, right and bottom.

As I said I have only just got this filofax, the A5 paper is a good size - much better than the personal size which seemed too narrow for me. I don't know how it's going to go with carrying it around with me as it is quite a lot bigger than I expected it to be but I will only put in the pages I need rather than fill it up with loads of printed stuff that I will never use anyway! Up to now, all I have in it is a couple of address pages, a couple of notepaper pages and a calender - all designed (sorry customised) by me as I 'think' I will want them, they will be easy to change and adapt as necessary.

I haven't got a hole punch for it yet and have just about managed to get the holes in the right place using a standard two hole punch and using just one side of it to create the six holes needed. I WILL be getting a proper one though as it was far too much messing about!!

Sam xx

2 Pennies Worth Appreciated!

Thanks Sam. Interesting points you make about the A5 world.


Hi Sam, how is it going with

Hi Sam,

how is it going with your A5 filofax? I am just deciding between A5 and personal. The A5 is a bit bulky but I'm really thinking the personal pages are going to be too small.

What A5 filofax did you get? And where did you get one that's empty? I really want a certain diary layout rather than the one in the filofax style I like so an empty one would be good!

Sorry about all the questions and sorry I'm not actually answering the main question, I'm afraid I don't know much about them really although I do like filofax.

Thanks very much if you can help

A5 Paper

Curious? where did u buy A5 paper from in US

It is available but can be pricey

Remember, A5 is roughly equivalent to Classis/Junior which is half of a letter size sheet.

"Pricey" reams (500 sheets) of letter size are $10 - $15

Empire Imports has the lowest price I have seen on A5 - $8.50 for a ream of 250

Staples has some A4 paper from Hammermill ( search for item 570046 )
or you could cut down legal (8.5 x 14) size as it is bigger than A4
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Here's another

A4 paper, 500 sheet reams, case of 8 for $94.51 (11.82/ream) -- SHIPPED !

Not bad as it includes shipping.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

One more...

not cheap, but ...
Filofax USA Diary Refills (A5)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)