help downloading pdf files

I'm not sure if this is permisable or not, but I'm hoping someone can help me:

I'm stuck and unable to download any pdf files, well, they download okay, but the data is simply a string of symbols, looks like some binary stuff (who knows). this is a recent problem, but no idea how it went awry or what to do. cant seem to change it to English, or anything understandable such as seeing the forms.

advise anyone?

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Reinstall Acrobat Reader (get the latest version if you want). That should fix it, hopefully.


I'm trying and thanks for

I'm trying and thanks for the input. almost everything about what the computer does is a mystery, even the letters on some of the keys have disppeared! OMG I just can't believe what a mystery it is.

I'll go try to download something to see if that worked. what I did was delete whatever version was on my computer, then downloaded version 9.

Thank you Shris! got

Thank you Shris!

got everything to work, downloaded some stuff, then couldn't figure out how to log back in! ugh.

figured out how to change my PW and I think all is going wonderfully now.

I printed out one of those STUFF flow-thingy's and it's in such small tiny print! anyway to increase the print percentage? wow, it's tiny! good stuff though. had to laugh.

one says

'only use your inboxes as your inboxes, don't use your entire office, house, briefcase or car.

OMG OMG OMG OMG whose been looking in my windows! my husband is always asking 'what on earth do you do in your van? *smile* we live in it, that's what!

Tiny type


You need to pay attention to the size of the paper these templates are intended for. Items that are intended for 3x5 cards, for example, are going to be nearly microscopic. Stuff for letter size paper (assuming it's not multiple items per page) will have a more normal font size.

You *can* use Acrobat to size up the things you're printing if you've got a file intended for something small, but there's no particular guarantee it won't be fuzzy when enlarged. It's in the print settings. Underneath the name of the printer you picked (in the pick list) there should be some settings about auto rotate and center, etc. There may be one there that will allow the item being printed to be expanded to fill the whole paper. You can only try and see.

Anyway, experimentation is good. Learning is easiest when there's a need driving you to try to figure it out. There shouldn't be any settings in that little window that would hurt anything permanently if you chose wrong. :)