I felt out of place enough

I felt out of place enough with my amiturish homemade Excel planner pages, rather than the beautifully drawn openoffice templates (I downloaded it and think I need my DD to learn it and help me.)

kindof like I'm at church without a Bible ~

but then this morning it got worse...something I've not been able to put my finger on has been bugging me for as long as I can remember, whatever planner page I use, system I use, homegrown or not, it's just not working, too busy, even when I use the lightest of grey font and not bright paper, for example, my month at a glance boxes are small enough and two or three events just make me 'feel' like I've not got any time to myself.

especially when I put my kids stuff on the family calendar, then I cant 'feel' any time for myself, make sense?

but I realized this morning it's the template itself that feels full or busy or whatever, so on my sheet which is on Excel, it's kindof like a portrait 8.5 by 11, I have four quadrants ---

I actually UNlined the thing entirely! wow, just felt like I broke some humongous rule there, like the first time I highlighted in a book. wow, I could hear my [foster dad] having a FIT.

opper left was always just a square empty box labeled 'doodle space' I do it anyway, why not contain it?

lower left was a series of four sections...

'things I absolutely have to do today (unless I don't want to).
'things I have to do, but they can wait a bit.
'small things I gotta do before I can do the big things

I think I mentioned I think backwards, not forward linearly.

and 'things people have been bugging me to do for a really long time.

right lower quadrant had the standard 'apptoinemtn schedule' 6a to 9p as some things I do are time related.

wow I can't tell you how much better it just 'feels' just looking at an unlined form!

[now I'm going to duck cause I'm not sure if anyone is going to start throwing things at me]

for the stuff written in open office, will I be able to 'get' those and unline some? there are such slick templates out there, but wtih my visual sensory issues, I want to make them so much less busy.

btw, I also UNLINED my entire grocery list form! I have a two page excel spreadsheet of all the foods we buy at the grocery store, walking pattern isle by isle. four columns to a page. it's slick because I can cut the form up into however many sections as family members are along to help.

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If a template has the original .odg file attached, you can remove the lines you don't want to see (you might have to learn how to 'ungroup' if lines have been bundled together in groups). If it's just a PDF, well, not unless you buy some really spendy software.

Nobody's going to throw things at you for removing lines. Some people like wide spaces, some like narrow spaces, big paper, small paper. Who cares? Do it the way you want it, so it makes you want to do it. :)


I'll try to fuss with it,

I'll try to fuss with it, Shris, but I have to tell you I have some learning difficulties. It isn't that I'm not willing to learn, it's challenging to find just the right perspective so I can figure it out.

often times, I just either draw out or talk out what I want to one of my kids and they can 'whip it up' so much more easily *smile* (loving these teen years!!!)


welcome to the unlined world :) i've made a quarter letter size book out of scraps from work ... i'm loving it. i can doodle or write or list or mind map ... i know i dont like lines but i continue to fall into the same rut. hopefully this time i've created something that i can use for awhile~! (pictures on my flickr account if anyone is curious link)

sometimes breaking the rules is the best ... make your own rules :D

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good idea, I was looking for

good idea, I was looking for a small little pad that I can carry ON my person (ADD distractions), but it made me think maybe small unlined index cards, or even if I can get some unprinted type business cards, THEN I realized that

I have alot of cardstock, AND a couple slide type paper cutters already, so I can just make my own little thingy UNlined.

I have come to detest lined

I have come to detest lined pages. It's either blank or grid for me now. Preferably blank. You're normal.

who knew that I would come

who knew that I would come to detest them as well. wow, new freedoms today.

funny, I made a really impulsive phone call today and wound up in a job interview ~~~ that was after I whipped up a resume ~~~ talk about gaps! put employment dead last, and headed with qualifications and volunteer work. I've worked a job what, 2 yrs out of the last 17.

point is, I had my quarter fold unlined planner page with me, and easily jotted four topics for questions to ask...you have to know I haven't interviewed in a Looooooonnnngggg time, but I felt more able to focus on the questions, rather than any busy lines like before. cool.

Bravo and congrats!

Bravo and congrats!