Moleskin diaries

Hi, I am wondering about a Moleskin for my 2009 diary but was just wondering if they are worth the price they are and do they hold enough room for general information and addresses etc. Am still stuck to my Filofax but finding it bulky.

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My opinion: It's a trade-off

Pro: a Moleskine is compact, easy to carry, lots of room for schedules, appointments, notes, etc...
Con: it is less flexible than a system that permits rearranging pages (binder, Rollabind, etc.)

Try it and see how comfortable you are with it.
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I agree

I have traded off and on with a Moleskin for several years. I really like the portibility -- being a guy I refusee the option of carrying a purse (even it is called a "man bag"!) but miss the stuff I can cram into my filofax sized notebook. Just this week I was struggling with going back to the Moleskin (I abandoned it some two months ago) because it fits in my pocket -- my binder is bulky at times, awkward at other times, and delightful the rest of the time.

I used correction tape to cover over a lot of the nonsense in the front of the Moleskin to have more room for permanent type information, cut some 4x6 post-its down to the page size for really temporary notes. Its the in-between "stuff" that frustrates me with the moleskin. Yet I don't want to carry two things.

At least transfering records back and forth every couple of months keeps me off the streets at night!

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hitch hiking on this thread,

hitch hiking on this thread, is it okay? general moleskin question, I've been looking for the stretchy - cloth like rubberband (but not rubber) to carry around my stuff, just to secure it. but on the moleskins, they seem to bind on the wrong way! I'd love one to wrap around the middle okay when you're holding the thing upright, the stretchy band would be horizontal. dont need it connected to anything.

everytime I go to the bookstore, which is often, I hold them and pet them (moleskins) and covet them, but put them down for the price...what a silly thing, when I can save my soda money for a few weeks *smile*

but for now I'm trying a new 99 cent memo book from teh drugstore. gotta find a stretchy binder though!

It's ordinary sewing elastic

Go to any store that sells sewing supplies/fabric and take a look at their stock of elastics. Usually they have white in a zillion widths, and black in a lesser number.

I picked up a packet to make a belly band for an off-name notebook, worked perfectly. The info on the package I bought...just a moment...okay, the brandname is "Stretchrite", braided elastic, 1/4" 3 yards.

Meaning I have roughly 11'6" left, oh well, I'm set for my next 23 notebooks...

It cost a whole 99 cents.

Of course, it's silly to make everyone buy three yards

of their own. PJango, if all you want is to make a single band, send me your address and how long the finished band needs to be, and I'll send you a piece.

Though if you don't live in the US, it might take longer to get to you than you want to wait.

Er. At least I would have that much left, if it were 4 feet

to the yard, instead of three.


It's been a bad day.

SusanBeth,you are so kind

you are so kind to offer! but let me get my own, I'm thinking it'd cost you tons more to send, and also my daughter will go crazy with her stuff and want some too.

and from another thread, and I'm not sure I can find my way back tghere (I get lost easily on these threads, nested threads,

I wipped out my little tiny pad of paper and teany tiny pen and wrote the name of the elastic down on page one.

wow, I feel so capable and grownup now!

love this site, love the input! ahhhh and I'm loving this laptop at the coffeeshop while I wait for my daughter at youth group.

this is the life for me.

Ciak might be the answer

Ciak notebooks have the elastic going the way you want it to. They are Italian made and have a leather cover. However I dont know if they do a diary nor do I know if they are available in the US. In the UK The Journal Shop has them and I think they may sell to the US too and there are some CIAK notebooks available in Paperchase in Borders stores which are their Moleskinalikes.

Hair tie

Try a hair tie. They're cheap, and available in lots of different colors. As a bonus, you'll have a hair tie when you need one.

randalstone, it's PERFECT

it's PERFECT for my little notebook in my pocket, thanks!

for anything larger, I'm going to have to get that black elastic, but the hair thing is great. I usually carry a spare for either me or my daugher.


I've been using this At-A-Glance for a year (the one on the left). I'm changing to the smaller on on the right for '09. Thinner & more flexible cover vs. Moleskine. Week and month views and pocket-able in pants front, back or suit coat. Available at the big 3 U.S. office supply stores.