Help with old-fashioned writing tools?

I just got a writing set called Scribe's Treasure. It's a nice set, but I can't figure out how to use the items in it. I'm hoping maybe someone here knows. It has dip pens and inkwells, a wooden blotter (curved thingie with blotter papers that should go with it, but I'm not sure how exactly), and a burner (for filling with alcohol? lamp oil?) for melting sealing wax in a wax spoon. Can anyone tell me how to use any of these things? Or direct me to instructions someplace?

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Head on over to the Fountain Pen Network

Do searches for the various items over there and you'll find all kinds of information, including how-to's.

Google is your friend

What is an Ink Blotter ?
Alcohol Burner/Lamp For Melting Wax
How to use Sealing Wax

By the way, thank you for "making me look" :) makes custom wax seals from artwork. I have been wanting to get a custom seal for myself for a while but never located a vendor to do the work.
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