Newbie and Questions regarding us deprived English folks with odd sized planners.

Hello all..
Stumbled over here via Lifehacker and I must say I'm very impressed..
I've been searching for years for an effective way of managing my personal life, switching between filofax's, laptops, phones and scraps of paper..

So imagine my wonder at finding this goldmine :-D

My problem is, I own a really awesome 6ring binder (made out of old circuit boards and steel.. <3 ) that takes 3" 3/4 by 6" 3/4 filofax inserts (i think they're called Personal size.)

The binder itself comes to 5" by 7" 1/4 so I'm stuck as to actual template size.
Could anyone help me out?

Much Obliged!

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Ain't you folks supposed to be metric ?

So, according to Filofax UK, that would be 95 mm by 171 mm.
That's the size of both "Personal" and "Slimline"

Are you looking for templates to use ? Have you tried the Dynamic Templates ?
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Printing templates...

I always have a bit of trouble with templates and printing them the right size etc. However the dynamic templates are great because you can choose the size. Helpful for filofax pages. Because the size of personal pages are odd its difficult to pop an A4 sheet in a do anything other than print a page, waste a lot of paper and have to cut things out. You might be better printing straight onto plain personal size filofax paper (or WHSmith-it's cheaper). I've done this before and it's worked out okay. Smaller paper sizes work best if you have a printer that does photos as they tend to cope with small photo type sizes better.

I hadn't thought of

I hadn't thought of that...
get a big stack of blank whsmith paper and print..

To the shops!

We are mixed up...

Ygor, folks in the UK are a crazy mixed up bunch when it comes to measurements.

So much depends on the age of the person and when they went to school. I was taught in metric but cant do height, body weight or liquids for cooking in anything other than imperial measurements. I blame my parents!

But then I can do weight in grams for cooking, I measure paper in millimetres but photo sizes are in inches.

Life is hard in the UK.........

Yeah, I work in the Theatre,

Yeah, I work in the Theatre, and have to regularly translate between metric and imperial.
Very important stuff, especially if the set designer doesn't specify the units and we get a set massivly out of scale :-/ (yes, that has happened to me)

My plan today was to venture

My plan today was to venture into the crazy world of dynamic templates.
I was originally looking to see if there was a "Here ya go ya lazy bum" template pack already made for that size :-D

You can simply use printer settings

If your printer allows you to specify or customise the paper size, and most printer do, you can simply print the any other single-template-on-a-page templates (eg A4, Letter, Index Card) onto the smaller paper.

Some of the very detailed larger templates do shrink a bit too much for general use when they're printed on smaller paper. But many of the templates with plenty of white space are quite OK in a smaller size.