I'm having a bad day...

I got some mini sharpies to keep in my pocket and CAN'T get the cap off of them!

Then I got a pack of G2 minis, and I already lost the black one!

Then a few days ago I got a little pad of paper, spiral at the top and it was a sturdy cover, I was using it as my 'brain dump' for lack of the proper word for it you use here....

but I lost that too!

it either slipped out of my pocket or it's sitting around here somewhere...I promise I haven't put it in the wash.


I was so hopeful, but ought I be ripping out pages as I fill them? then we're back to the random loose papers all over the desk/house/van/wherever I am.

I guess I'm looking for something i can clip to my person.

OH and I got that silly little part time job I impulsively interviewed for, and the polo shirt tag just is so irritating! need to rip it out and sew the collar back togehter I guess.

but i do want to carry something around at work, but my three new[used] pants all have pockets of various sizes.

believe me I don't want to stick a pad of paper in my shirt pocket *redface*, but being new and lots to learn, suggestions anyone?

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how about...

Sorry to hear of your bad day! UGH! You would think it were monday! :)

How about index cards with a hole punched in the corner, hold them together with one of those "rings" or caribiner's that open and close. Then add a loop or rubberband to your G2 mini and loop that through the ring. Now clip the whole HPDA to your belt loop or belt or whatever else you could loop it to?? Then if you need to leave a note somewhere you can or all of your notes can be all together and you are able to rearrange them as you feel.

my only thought for you, but someone else might have another!

Also, look through the gallery here - greenish tab on the top of the page. you will see the ring and the caribiner I am referring to.

Have a better night!!! :)

My new Hangly Dangly, in

My new Hangly Dangly, in five minutes. wow. have to say it needs some tweeking, but I wanted to take a photo for you, but although I signed up for a flicker account, and I know I took tons of photos, I keep reading that 'it' can't find any photos! ugh.

took 3 by 5 index cards and sliced in half. hole punched them in upper center, put on ring, attached carabeener.

attached pen by rubberbanding it, but oh my it hangs way too long.

I think I'll just find some kacki colored velcro and make some kacki velcro pants to wear to work and attach all this stuff to my person.



On tearing out.


Tear out a paper when you can safely throw it away. Tear out a paper when you're going to hand the whole paper to someone else. Otherwise, keep the papers in the book.

Make no mistake, learning to put stuff back in your pocket (or whatever) is a habit that you have to develop. Same for pulling it out and using it.

As far as clipping something to your person, consider the badge lanyard things. It's a clip on one side (like for a pocket or belt or t-shirt collar), and on the other there's a pull-out cord with a small loop. The cord retracts into the round plastic gadget that's attached to the clip. They make them for people who use plastic badges to punch in and out at work. But you can use them for anything that will attach to the little metal loop.

The caribeener thing is still a good notion, but you have to unclip those to get them high enough to use--not so with the badge lanyard thing (dunno its real name).

Good luck with the pens and stuff. It takes a while to find the right one on those, too. Trust me, with a sharpie you want the cap tight. A loose one will just get ink all over your clothes.


I'll work with the habits

I'll work with the habits and systems, I really think this memo pad slipped out of mmy pocket!

stuff important enough to right down, dosen't belong on the loose! my gut is telling me that I need to batten it down, and not risk letting it slip out.

maybe I'm overrating my brain dump LOL

Not overrating


I don't think you're overrating your brain dump. The thing about that 'scattered' feeling is that if you can just collect all the stuff in one place, you always know where to look for it. All the good time/organizing books talk about keeping info in just one spot. It's more efficient, among other things. It also helps you trust your system more, which is very important.

A memo pad slipping out of your pocket is certainly easy, especially with slacks that have diagonal cut pockets, slippery fabrics, or very loose pockets. Tight jeans will also expel things in the rear pockets. Fastening it down is a good idea, and the smaller the paper you use, the easier it is to find a way to stick it where you want it.

Heck, you could stick a piece of velcro on the back of your memo pad, put the other piece on a silver money clip, and use that over your shirt pocket/belt/etc. to keep your pad close by. Velcro would make it easy to remove/use/put back, and money clips are usually pretty tight and firm in their grip.


keep the pages

When I was in the medical corps (reserve) we had the most wonderful "field message pad". It opened at the top and every graph paper sheet was folded diagonally when the information was no longer current. You always knew where to start and could look back at notes. Because the pages weren't ripped out, the binding held up. Each page was dated. We also had cool "map" pockets in our olive drab pant that fit it exactly.