Hello! I'm new to the DIY community. I'm so excited to use the info here (thanks to all the contributors)! I'm a technical writer/trainer by day and I have my own business writing company on the side... and with my responsibilities with twin daughters (age 9), home, and additional church responsibilities, I can't LIVE WITHOUT MY PLANNER. [smiling] I'm not happy with my store-bought one I'm using now and the FranklinCovey ones are just too plain expensive. I'm all about this idea of personalizing my own. I'm creative, so this will be fun for me, I think.

I'm sure I will have some templates to offer here, as well...

Thanks again to all of you and I look forward to chatting with you about the planner and how we best organize ourselves.

Have a great weekend!


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Welcome to the group!

So what kind of setup are you currently utilizing and what are you planning on changing? :)

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You must be family..

Hi Dawn.

I think we must be related somehow (by marriage, I suppose). My maiden name and your second name are the same, I think. I have twins also (one boy and one girl, age 3).

There are not many of us by that name. Welcome!