Just can't decide between Junior and PDA sizes

(standing up) Hello, my name is Krista and I am a smartphone junkie. But I am getting help. I have been lurking on this site for a while and decided to go analog about two months ago.

I originally bought a letter size Circa agenda notebook and almost immediately hated it because it was enormous. So then I bought a bookcloth junior size (they have the old colors on sale) and I really liked it. I started "circafying" everything and created my own calendar and everything. After a while I noticed that I had to take it with me everywhere because I felt lost without my notebook. My notebook is my planner, note-taker, journal, and well, it's my brain. I dump everything into it and forget it.

A few weeks later, I got fed up with my husband never remembering which days he has to pick up my son, appointments and stuff he MUST get done like renewing the plates on my car (a MONTH late!). I knew he would never carry a full blown planner like mine so I bought him one of those circa PDAs. I ordered it, punched a bunch of extra 3x5 cards and set it up with tabs, to-do lists and the whole ball of wax. I gave it to him and it has worked great for him.

And then I got jealous of his little hPDA, how easy it was for him to whip it out, jot a note and throw it into his backpocket. I didn't want to spend more money with Levenger so I thought I'll make my own circa PDA - created covers and punched my cards and started carrying around both. I love both but I just cannot decide which I really want. I have actually made two calendars and two to-do lists in each. I am carrying each right now hoping that I can figure out which one I want to use in the long run.

What am I going to do? I got two of everything and can't make a decision! Things I like about the Junior size:

I write kinda big and the junior size allows me to write more on each page.
I designed the perfect calendar/agenda for me with one week vertical on the left page and one week vertical on the right so when it's open I can see two weeks at a time. I put a bunch of lines in the center along the inside margins so I can jot down notes pertaining to a particular day.
It holds things like my sticky notes and paper clips neatly in the zip pouch.
It has a loop for my pen so I don't have to hunt around for it.
I've started keeping a journal and when I am somewhere with some time to kill I can pull out my notebook and write a page or two.

Things I like about the PDA size:
I can throw it in my pocket or in a small purse - I don't have to carry around a bag big enough to hold it.
I am using Levenger's scheduler cards (bought them for husband but I am trying them out) and I can get everything on those because I don't have many appointments. I also like their to-do cards.
I spend a lot of time in my car (about 2-3 hours a day) commuting so my car time is when I get my ideas and remember things so I really need something I can jot an idea down quick and the PDA is PERFECT for that.

One thing I do not like about the PDA - my favorite pens tend to feather a bit on the 3x5 cards.

Any ideas or suggestions to help resolve my dilemma would be great.

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keep both?

You could keep both. Use your circa pda as a capture tool and for reference on-the-go. Your junior size could be your 'home base' so to speak. It does involve keeping things current in both locations which can take some getting used to but many people do it successfully :) I find writing things twice actually alleviates my worrying over forgetting it. I don't have to put it to my mental memory but if it hangs out on its own - I'm happy.

Right now I have a capture tool and a home base... it works well. Syncing them can be a challenge but I'm happy with using both things I like :)

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which calendar?

Which one would you use for your calendar? The junior size? I need my calendar with me pretty much all the time.


My calendar is in the one at home... and I'm working on writing down important dates on my current capture page... but my system is odd because I work mo, tu, th, fr.

try experimenting with one, then the other and then both. don't be afraid of making things fit what you need.

i dont fit in any boxes so i tape and glue things around me that work. its been hard for me to accept than im not 'typical' but now im finally feeling like im getting it right :)

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calendars in both

I have a letter-sized circa for work and a 4x6 mod I created for the purse. Since I have to keep the calendar on the network per company requirements, I print out weekly calendars for both. The issue is really syncing everything, but like Sara said, sometimes writing things down twice commits it better to memory.

I really like Shris' quarter size idea for the purse...looks like I'll have to check that out and make one of my own to see how that works.

A different thought


If you went to a size like quarter-letter (4.25x5.5), then you wouldn't really have to choose which size you want to keep. You can use foldouts that are classic size with a quarter letter book. Heck, you can even use a letter size foldout.

Don't believe me? Check this link out. The book is quarter-letter, the fold-out is letter-size. I laminated the page for use with a Zwipes pen, but you don't have to do that. You can just print regular letter pages, trim them a hair, punch them, and stuff them in your book.

Quarter letter WILL fit in your back pocket if it's skinny and the discs are on the short side (not like the picture).


Keep Changing

First, welcome. I love this place.

I don't know if it will work for you, but I tend to change things every month or so. No matter how well a system is working, I get bored with it and change something. I won't pretend it is efficient, but I do enjoy it. So feel free to keep changing back and forth as the mood or need strikes.

Changing it up

I can't stick to a single system either. It's a personality thing. I feel a continual urge to recreate. The old looks better than the new, until it replaces the new, then the new looks better, and then there is always the NEW DIFFERENT THING...

I figure its OK

Some people willingly change jobs, cars, houses, and spouses every couple of years. I've got well ten years on each of those. If all I'm changing around contently is my planner, I figure that's OK. I've given believing there is one perfect system. I think there are many good enough systems, but some are more fun than others. In fact, some of the less perfect ones are more fun.

Edited to say: I'm not saying it is necessarily wrong to change the big things in life around, it is just got to be much more of a hassle than rearranging a planning system. So I'm really not trying to slam anyone.

How much do you plan to carry with you?

If you carry messenger of any other bag every day, I suggest, to stay with junior size (then you will have space to write notes).
If you hate bags, thick wallets (full of coins), keep all your informations on tiny SD/MS card or in mobile phone/PDA, then I would suggest to choose a PDA size or even smaller. Or if you wear skin-tight jeans...

Try to find PDA size or half-PDA size notebook and use paper with density about 30 g/sq.m.. It would be ligther and you will have more sheets to write.

Important: pay attention in choosing a small pen as well.